October release items

There were two software releases in October, each bringing further improvements to SBS Online.

v11.3.4 introduced ‘Interactive help’:

  • Clicking the help icon beside the title on any screen opens a help box, which will provide you with an overview of the page, including key information and user tips.
  • Further information related to the current page may be available by following the ‘See also:’ links at the bottom of each box.
  • You may see tool-tip icons in some of the create and edit screens next to individual fields and text boxes. Simply hover your cursor over these icons to reveal further tips and detailed explanations.
  • The entire help directory is available through the ‘View online help’ link at the bottom of each page. Here you can navigate between help articles, as well as download and print a full consolidated user guide.

As ever, should you see anything that may require a little more clarity, please let us know, and if the help articles haven’t quite answered your question please give the helpdesk a call!

v11.3.5 saw a whole host of improvements across the software, geared towards making the user experience a more pleasant one. We focused on one main goal – to save you time!

  • The ability to duplicate contracts.
  • All PDF exportable reports now include the school name and the budget name.
  • The Revenue In-year balance calculation in the CFR monitor has been adjusted to include B01 (Committed Revenue Balance Brought Forward). The calculation formula is: (B01 + Income) – Expenditure.
  • Salary monitor enhancements including:
    1. The ability to map payroll codes to multiple service terms, which in turn allows the system to ‘find’ the correct service term to reflect the payment under in the Reconciliation summary screen.
    2. A new status indicator – a red flag. This indicates that there is a matching contract, but that the variance falls outside of your tolerance settings.
    3. Agency contracts and non-salary items will no longer appear in the salary monitor. Non-salary items still update the Reconciliation summary and are visible in a separate screen – ‘Monitoring -> Non-salary monitor’.
    4. Uploads will ignore any zero values in the payroll file.
    5. An improved detail view, limiting the number of items highlighted red to show only the areas of required focus.
    6. The Reconciliation summary screen has an additional column – total for the year by service term and can now be exported to Excel, PDF or printable version.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please let us know by contacting the helpdesk.

Next Steps: Something new…

The next major release item is planned for the coming weeks. It will enable you to create self defined ‘analysis tags’ and assign to budget entries and staffing contracts, then report by these ‘tags’.

‘Analysis tags’ will therefore allow for:

  • Lower level reporting beneath existing budget/GL codes
  • Tracking and reporting of expenditure, therefore justifying expenditure of specific income
  • Segmenting of your budget into departments or other user defined categories

The initial release will be for budget creation and reporting, however, this will in time be available for budget monitoring.

As with all new releases, a full detail will be offered in the home screen with interactive help articles available when released.

November release items

As promised last month we were working on something a little bit different. ‘Analysis Tags’ were released in November following a great deal of work by the development team. This offers an innovative, yet simple way for you to: Perform lower level reporting beneath existing budget/General Ledger codes Track and report on all expenditure, therefore […]


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