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A very Happy New Year to you and your colleagues from the SBS Online team and everyone at School Business Services.

We are really excited about what 2014 promises to bring. We have loads of brilliant ideas, plans and motivation as to how we are going to improve SBS Online even further and can’t wait to share them with you!

As a valued customer you remain at the forefront of our thoughts when we are developing the product, we want to make it just right for you, so please be sure to let us know if we could be doing something a bit better!

Latest News: December release items…

December saw some key enhancements to SBS Online – specifically the Staff by Year report. We listened to many of our valued customers who had expressed their disappointment with the inability to sort and subtotal by service term from within the software.

Whilst the list of delivered items in December may appear short compared to preceding months, the amount of development work and testing was vast.

Included in the December release:

  • Clearly see from within the Staff by Year report a monthly breakdown of expected total salary costs per contract
  • Pick and choose visibility of columns in the staff by year report
  • Sort and subtotal on any column from with the software
  • Bulk import of ‘non-salary’ and ‘unmappable’ codes

Whats Next? The Staffing Contract Screen…

In the coming weeks you will see a significant change to the staffing contract screen in your SBS Online planner. This development work is the result of listening to our users and trying to improve the usability further.

We not only want to improve the process for adding, removing and updating scale points to contracts, we also want to reduce the number of occurrences in which you have to end and create new contracts. Therefore, with this in mind we will be taking some of the core information such as FTE, Superannuation and First Aid and moving them to be variable fields. These fields will then be adjustable with an effective date on the same contract, in the same way that the scale points and allowances work.

Also as part of the January release we will be looking to close production bugs 1 and 2 listed below.

As with all new releases, full details will be offered in the home screen with updated interactive help articles available when released.

Production Bugs

  1. Ordering of Support scales in Salary scales page.
  2. Upon amending the Contract end date the system should auto delete/ignore any subsequent salary scale details.
  3. Users can enter multiple and different scale entries on same date when creating/editing a new contract.

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