Do you know how to generate the new SIMS school report?


The SIMS school report enables the monitoring of key measures in the school.

You can customise the SIMS school report output by including or excluding specific measures that you are interested in. All of the pastoral factors are shown as a total number of pupils as well as a percentage breakdown. This is an excellent report to provide information for Senior Leadership and Governors.

Click here to view a video from Rachael Marshman, product manager for SIMS, which shows you how to generate the new school report in SIMS.

How to stay safe from ransomware

“Ransomware, it’s everywhere. We had hoped that the notorious file-encrypting ransomware called CryptoLocker was defeated after law enforcement knocked out its infrastructure last year, but CryptoLocker and its close cousin, CryptoWall, have come back stronger than ever.” We stumbled across a really useful post on the Sophos blog that we thought our schools should read. […]


Flaming June

After what was undoubtedly a chilly May, let’s hope for a fine June. There are all those sports days, picnics, and summer fetes that need to take place on time or chaos will ensue. Now that we know who is in power for the next 5 years, it’s also time for academies to put the […]


National Insurance Tables 2015/16

The following table shows the figures that should be entered into SIMS Personnel for employees with Contracted In or Contracted Out salary-related pension schemes and where the school will benefit from National Insurance rebates. The table is based on Capita’s interpretation of the NI Guidance for Software Developers Effective the Tax Year 2015 – 2016, […]


The SIMS Teacher App – Making everyday classroom tasks even easier

Imagine stepping into the classroom and your tablet knows which lesson you’re taking and shows the name and picture of all students in that class. Mark a student late and it shows by how many minutes. The new SIMS Teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks, like taking the register, simple. So you can focus on […]


Do your governors have what it takes?

With governors now more accountable, having a governing body with a range of skills is key to supporting high standards of educational achievement across your school. The latest guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) advises schools on the size, membership and skills of their governing bodies. According to the guidance, by September 2015, all […]


Raising Teaching Standards

Successfully manage staff performance and raise standards across your school, with SIMS Staff Performance. “Held within a single, central and secure location, teachers’ annual appraisal objectives and training records are conveniently stored electronically. Helping our teachers and our senior leadership team to keep on top of their progress and easily provide evidence to Ofsted on […]


SIMS Assessment – ‘Supports one of the central processes of any school’

SIMS Assessment & Reporting Suite provides a comprehensive tracking solution that works directly with pupil information held within SIMS. So up-to-the-minute data becomes readily available and reflects changes as records are altered during the course of a normal school day. SIMS provides a link to school data for all key stakeholders and can be managed […]


Welcome to the Team!

Please welcome our newest member of the MIS team Zara Nancy Harris-White. Zara Nancy born on Tuesday 14th April 2015 at 10:22am is the second daughter for Nikki Harris-White from our SIMS Service Desk.


What’s new in the SIMS Spring Release?

SIMS Spring Release Update An overview of the exciting changes in the SIMS spring release. Assessment Without Levels Solution (Primary only) The long-awaited SIMS solution to Assessment Without Levels is available, although only for primary curriculum at the moment. Schools will now have access to a brand new programme of study area within SIMS Assessment, […]


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