Childcare Question and Validation Rule 2950


Please note that the DfE has recently added validation rule 2950 to its COLLECT validation.

This validation checks that the childcare questions are answered for all four types of childcare. This validation is not present in the latest DfE school validation.

Capita are sorry that this situation has arisen and they will be working with the DfE to ensure that they avoid such a situation in future. The DfE has indicated that the best solution from their point of view would be for schools to enter the full information directly into to COLLECT to give answers for each of the four types of childcare. Instructions for editing returns in COLLECT are available here. However, where that is not possible, they would accept a notepad explanation on COLLECT.

A notepad entry on COLLECT would have to be specific and the DfE suggests something on the lines of:

MISSING CHILDCARE: This note is to confirm that:

  • Before School Childcare: No childcare offered on school site and we do not signpost parents to other childcare off site [note only required if before school childcare missing]
  • After School Childcare: No childcare offered on school site and we do not signpost parents to other childcare off site [note only required if after school childcare missing]
  • Under 5 Childcare: No childcare offered on school site and we do not signpost parents to other childcare off site [note only required if under 5 school childcare missing]
  • Holiday Childcare: No childcare offered on school site and we do not signpost parents to other childcare off site [note only required if holiday school childcare missing]

Please amend COLLECT accordingly.

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