School budget setting process


How was it for you?

School budget setting process 2016-17

We are keen to hear about how you found your school budget setting process this year. With many schools submitting their budget in early May and numerous changes recently, this is a key time to review and evaluate your procedures.

Tell us:

  • How smooth was it this year?
  • What was different, in terms of process, to previous years?
  • How easy was it to manage differences between NFF and local formulas?
  • Were changes in staffing and National Insurance contributions easy to plan?
  • What is your strategy for surplus or deficit in your budget?
  • How did you budget for support staff costs with announcements still pending?
  • Have you budgeted for future academisation costs?
  • What new areas of income have you uncovered?
  • What will you do differently next year?
  • Now you can focus on budget and salary monitoring, what is your plan to stay on track?

Send your school budget setting process stories to by Friday 27th May so we can share experiences with other schools and provide some top tips for future planning.

End of Key Stage – Scaled Scores

The month of May heralds end of key stage test time. As you will be aware, pupils studying the new national curriculum will not be assessed using levels; instead, levels will be replaced by scaled scores. What are scaled scores? Scaled scores are widely used and help test results to be reported consistently from one year […]


Changes to CFR & March Accounts Return

April is a busy period in all schools. For those in the maintained sector it is the start of a new financial year – with the EFA announcing changes to CFR. All academies are required to provide staff information to their pension scheme administrators. While, new and expanding academies are likely to have to complete […]


Summer Census time

The Summer census is on Thursday 19th May. Our step by step documentation to help you prepare for summer census time and run the census is now available for download via the links below. You will also need to apply fileset 301 – see guidance further down the page. Preparing for the Census Primary, Special and Nursery Schools notes Download now! […]


Identify and track behavioural issues with SIMS

Did you know you can use SIMS to identify and track students with behavioural issues? Lucy Crawford from Capita shows you how to use the SIMS homepage to track the students you want to monitor, create Discover groups and add conduct graphs. Watch the video. We can provide assistance via our consultancy services to help […]


April Round Up

For those considering expanding their Academy Trusts or opening a new UTC the DfE have recently issued guidance. Primary Schools are reminded to publish details on how they spend their Sports Grant. And for all we start with a look at the EFA planner for the Summer term. From The EFA Planner April Fourth payment […]


Manage extra-curricular activities with SIMS Activities

Capita have produced a new add on module called SIMS Activities which is now available to order. Watch the video and find out how this can help your school to efficiently manage extra-curricular activities, as well as reduce administration time, improve safeguarding and ensure parents are engaged. SIMS Activities lets schools efficiently manage extra-curricular activities such as […]


Spring Update – Payroll Reconciliation and Salary Sacrifices

April begins with a new update to SBS Online and the most significant update we have made so far this year. Read the rest of this news article for an overview of the functionality or keep an eye on the blog for a forthcoming video tour of the new release. Payroll reconciliation Firstly, we have […]


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