Summer update – Outturn reporting

Our latest release provides further improvements to SBS Online:

Outturn reporting

We have added a new feature to show the previous year’s outturn.

Simply go to ‘Settings > Budgets’, click on ‘edit’ and tick the ‘Show outturn’ option.

This will insert a column in your budget entries and a number of reports. If your planner already has data from the previous year (of the selected budget) it will automatically draw on this to create an outturn.

You will be able to edit these figures, in ‘Planning > Budget Entries’. Click on the ‘edit’ button and there is a field to input, edit or remove the outturn for that entry.

Additionally, on the Budget Entries page, we have added an outturn feature for staffing and students. Upon applying the outturn feature to an existing budget the salary forecasts and student income will not be included. Therefore, if required they need to be added manually.

Simply click ‘New’ and select the outturn option. Select the service term or student group from the drop down list and enter the amount. Add notes if needed and save.

This feature enables you to view your current and future years’ budget figures against the previous year’s outturn. This is useful as it gives a clear progress comparison which can be used for meetings with governors, head teachers, etc. to show differences.

Pension figures in salary statements

We have made an adjustment to the salary statements and added a line to show the pension contributions that the school will make on the employee’s behalf.

If the employee has opted out of the pension scheme this figure will show as zero.

Bulk profiling of budget entries

To complement our last release of the budget profile report, we have introduced the ability to bulk edit budget entries to apply different profiles.

Simply go to ‘Planning > Budget Entries’ and select entries using the tick boxes in the column on the left. Then click on ‘Actions’ and ‘Edit Selected Entries’. Using the profile drop down menu on the next screen, select the required profile template. Once saved, changes will be immediate.

You will notice that we have consolidated the bulk actions. All of them can now be achieved through the ‘Edit Selected Entries’ option.

New non-staffing access rights

We have introduced a new user access level.

We can now offer full access to planners with the exception of staffing data. Note that annual figures will still be available in the relevant reports.

Users with this access right will not have access to the staffing menu, staffing links will be disabled from reports and the payroll reconciliation and the salary monitor will be unavailable.

National Funding Formula – Update

The Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening has released a written statement to Parliament on school funding. In the statement, she has said the national funding formula will be delayed and implementation will not start until 2018. In addition, she has said that funding for schools will remain the same for 2017/18 as the […]


School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions

School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) September 2016 Please be advised that the School Teachers’ Review Body has published its 26th report on the recommended changes to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) for September 2016. The recommendations still need to go through the consultation and parliamentary process but we do not […]


Schools Out

The last blog of the 2015/2016 Academic Year. I write this as a new Education secretary, Justine Greening, is appointed. No doubt over the summer we will see whether this changes the direction of government. For now here is our review of the best summer reads! Academies Financial Handbook An updated Academies Financial Handbook (AFH) […]


Getting ready for Exams Results Day

A new Performance Measures file has just been released by CAPITA. Schools will need to ensure that they are on the Summer version of SIMS (7.170) before proceeding with the import. Download the file here → Extract the file and make a note of the location In SIMS, go to Tools | Examinations | Import […]


Quick and easy document scanning directly into SIMS

Introducing Brother’s Direct Scan Solution Please note this product is currently unavailable from our Procurement service and this blog is now for reference only. To see our full product range visit The Brother Direct Scan Solution is a clever piece of software which connects the scanner directly with SIMS, streamlining the whole process of […]


Summer Update – Improved Budget Monitoring

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Safer Recruitment

Safer Recruitment Training for Schools SBS provides expert guidance to ensure you are confident and compliant in your recruitment Paragraph 43 of the DfE statutory safeguarding guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education, explains how governing bodies and proprietors of schools should prevent people who pose a risk from working with children. It notes that the […]


Latest products & services from SBS ICT

At SBS we are continually researching new technologies and developing our expertise to provide solutions for our schools’ challenges. Below are the new products and services we’ve launched for the summer term. Academia ICT curriculum training We are proud to announce a new service to deliver ICT curriculum training for schools. To empower teaching and […]


SIMS Summer release is available now

The SIMS Summer Release is now available and includes several enhancements and new areas of functionality. We are currently contacting schools to book a time to carry out the upgrade remotely. Here are some of the new features for Summer: Key Stage 4 analysis There is now the ability to link exam results into assessment aspects […]


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