SBS Online Update – In-Year Balances plus more


The latest SBS Online update contains a new in-year row balance for several reports, maximum scales for teacher contracts, and improvements to Excel exports and other commitments in the Budget Monitor.

Reporting: In-year Balances

An in-year balance row has been added to several reports in the ‘Planning’ menu item, including the Summary and Revenue Reports. This means that there are now two balance rows: the in-year row does not include any brought forward, whilst the overall balance row does include the brought forward. This should help users who want to focus on in-year balances to report more effectively.

Budget Monitor: Other Commitments

Other commitments is a useful function in the Budget Monitor to amend the projected year end if needed. Previously, other commitments had to be updated every month after import. It is now possible to check a tick-box when adding an other commitment to ensure it is used in future months. This will save users from having to add them in repeatedly following an import.

To use this functionality, click the ‘Add other’ option on a row in the Budget Monitor, type in the value as usual and tick the ‘Other commitment to future months’ option and ‘Save’. When importing data into a following month, the other commitment will be included automatically.

Please note: that this cannot be done retroactively and will only work for new budget monitor imports.

Teacher Contracts: Maximum Scales

There is now the ability to add a maximum salary scale to teacher contracts in the same way you can for support contracts. To do this, edit a staff contract and select a maximum salary scale from the drop down list in the top section.

When auto-incrementing the contract (either manually or in bulk), the contract will not pass the chosen maximum. Please note that UQ6, M6 and UP3 continue to behave as maximum scales as normal.

Excel Exports: Numbers & Formulae

In Excel exports, numbers are now indeed formatted as numbers instead of text. This allows users to add formulae into the spreadsheet. The exports have also been improved by condensing column widths and using proper titles for file names and worksheets.

This release also includes the following:

  • Payroll code descriptions added into the Payroll Reconciliation
  • Pound signs added to all charts for monetary amounts
  • Students menu item hidden if not in use
  • Improved prior attainment calculations in the Funding Predictor
  • The squishing of some pesky bugs

If you have any suggestions about how to improve the software or if you have any queries about the above, please get in touch via the Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8.

New Profile Report & Other Improvements

New Profile Report

Our June SBS Online update is led by the new Profile Report and Multi-School version. This report lays out your budget month by month so you can see at a glance your planned monthly income and expenditure, helping you to keep a better grip on your cash flow.

This month we are also introducing new features for:
- Budget upload
- Bulk clear budget monitors
- Hide national scales
- Other enhancements and bug fixes


SBS Online’s Funding Predictor

New Funding Predictor for schools, academies and MATs

SBS Online’s Funding Predictor allows users to forecast income for five years by referencing student numbers, the latest funding formulae and Local Authority (LA) rates.
The software will accurately calculate AWPU, IDACI, FSM, EAL, prior attainment, MFG, ESG protection and other funding elements.
As budgets continue to be squeezed the Funding Predictor helps offer some stability for accurate future budget management.


SBS Online 2017/18 National Insurance Calculations

The new 2017/18 National Insurance table is now available to apply to your budgets. From April 2017, the employer’s contribution rate of 13.8% will remain the same, but the thresholds have increased slightly. You are therefore strongly advised to apply the 2017/18 NI table in all of your unfixed budgets to ensure your staff costs […]


SBS Online – September Update

The latest update to SBS Online contains some improvements to service term management, cost centre usage and new functionality for Multi-Academy Trusts. Multiple Budget Codes to Service Terms It is now required that users map service terms to three budget codes simultaneously: Basic pay budget code National Insurance budget code Superannuation budget code For schools […]


Summer Update – Improved Budget Monitoring

Our latest release includes a new budget monitoring report, several more improvements to SBS Online and some minor bug fixes. Budget Profile report This new report works in conjunction with your budget entries and budget monitor. The Budget Profile report offers a clear picture of how you are tracking against your budget on a month by […]


Spring Update – Payroll Reconciliation and Salary Sacrifices

April begins with a new update to SBS Online and the most significant update we have made so far this year. Read the rest of this news article for an overview of the functionality or keep an eye on the blog for a forthcoming video tour of the new release. Payroll reconciliation Firstly, we have […]


National Insurance 2016/17 – We got it spot on!

We are delighted to announce that SBS Online has been projecting 2016/17 employer contributions for National Insurance correctly since February 2015. The government has announced the new thresholds and they exactly match our 2016/17 NI Indicative table. This means that if you created new budgets using this Indicative table to project the impact of the […]


SBS Online Update: Theme Selector and Other Improvements

Our new SBS Online update contains several improvements, plus some bug fixes. Theme selector Choose how your SBS Online planner looks by selecting a different theme. By default, one of the new themes has already been selected for you – ‘Modern’. To change your theme, simply click on your username in the top-right corner and […]


Update: September 2015 Teacher Pay Scales

Due to popular demand, we have created a third teacher pay scale table for you to choose and apply in your budget settings, named ‘Teacher Scales – Sept 2015 (C)’. This table features a standard 1% uplift across the board on the September 2014 teacher pay scales. To add any of the three salary tables […]


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