Annual Budget Forecast 2017


The ESFA has published details relating to the annual budget forecast, which must be completed by 28 July.

We also share with you some information relating to employer pension schemes.

Justine Greening Returns

Following the election, Justine Greening has been re-appointed as Education Secretary in the new cabinet. For many, there were a number of controversial items in the Conservative Manifesto, but it will be interesting to see how many of these can be brought forward with a minority government.

As always, we will continue to ensure you are made aware of any consultation papers and other items relating to education funding.

Academies Budget Forecast Return

The ESFA has now published its guidance for completing and submitting the 2017-2018 budget forecast return. The online form will be available next week. Trusts must complete the return by Friday 28 July 2017. For trusts opening on or after 1 May 2017, the deadline is either 6 weeks from receiving their funding letter or 28 July 2017 whichever is later.

The ESFA has published an Excel workbook and guidance to help you prepare for the new online form. The workbook allows you to see the information you need to supply so you can prepare your forecast before you complete the online form.

Local Government Pension Schemes

In conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education, the Local Government Association has published ‘Local Government Pension Scheme – arrangements for academies’.

It is intended for schools considering conversion to academy status, academy trusts, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and administering authorities. The document includes advice for:

  • Academy trusts on preparing to be an LGPS employer, including their role and responsibilities post conversion
  • MATs’ role in the scheme, including pooling arrangements
  • Academies in understanding scheme deficits
  • All academies on the  DfE guarantee

Schools engaged in conversion are encouraged to contact their local fund as some variation in policy and approach locally is inevitable.

More Local Government Pension Schemes

A report prepared by PwC,  Options for Academies in the LGPS, has been published by the LGPS Advisory Board. Its publication will enable the Board to engage with key stakeholders including pension funds, actuarial firms and academy trusts as appropriate on the issues raised relating to the administration of the pension schemes.

Teachers’ Pension Scheme

The Annual Service Return template is now available to download from the Employer Portal. If you’re an employer who has not yet on-boarded to Monthly Data Collection, you’ll have been notified that the template is now available.

HM Revenue & Customs require all employers to provide the data required in the template to Teachers’ Pensions by the deadline date of Thursday 6 July 2017.

For information about the Annual Return process please visit the TPS website.

TPS EBulletin – The latest bulletin has information on a number of changes to arrangements, many from April 2017. Use this link to keep up to date.

May Returns

Not some political prophecy, but a look at this month’s academy returns.

Academies are reminded that their Budget Forecast Return – Outturn must be submitted by Friday 19th May.


The DfE, SARA and what it means for academies

The DfE, SARA and what it means for academies

In this blog we look a little deeper into why academies are required to complete additional financial returns and catch up on other EFA news:
- New Sector Annual Report and Accounts (SARA)
- Insurance top-up funding
- Condition improvement fund
- Monthly data collection for TPS


Academy Budget Forecast Return – One Becomes Two

Academy Budget Forecast Return – One becomes two

The latest ‘Dear Accounting Officer’ letter from the EFA sets out their plans to replace the Academy Budget Forecast Return, due in July, with two returns.

Be prepared for the new return, due in May, with an updated Academic Year Planner which lists key events and deadlines for academies in the coming year.


Effect of the new Budget on schools

Effect of the new Budget on schools A week after the Budget we look at reactions to the announcements affecting the education sector. Budget Shorts A number of education reforms were announced in the chancellor’s Budget speech, which are designed to help address the UK’s current skills shortage. Others have written about the various areas […]


Much To Do In March

After ‘Marching On’ – Hare’s another blog to ensure you are the best informed person in your school on finance and business matters. From The EFA The EFA have reminded academies, that after extending its deadline, all Academy Accounts Returns (AAR) should have been uploaded by 28 February. Those academies that have still to submit […]


Marching On!

In this week’s blog we remind you what is in the EFA Planner prior to Easter and look at some changes to business rates and pensions that will come into force shortly. From the EFA Planner Action: academies to determine admission arrangements Deadline: academies admission appeals timetable by 28 February Deadline: academies to submit full […]


How to Save £1 Billion

The Department for Education has issued further support to schools and academies to increase the value for money delivered – giving support to save £1 billion a year. We would urge all schools and academies (both staff and governors) to take note of the support as they deal with the challenge of smaller budgets. School’s […]


January Update

As academies struggled to submit their AAR by the January deadline here is some news you may have missed. Academy Accounts Return As extensively reported, Peter Lauener has written to all academies postponing the deadline for the Academies Accounts Return (AAR) until Tuesday 28th February. If academies continue to have issues they should first consult […]


Academies Accounts Return

Academies having submitted their Annual Report and Accounts to the EFA by the 31 December 2016, will be aware that they must now submit their Academies Accounts Return by 31 January 2017. The EFA has introduced a new process for submitting the annual return (click here for further information). However, the EFA is aware that […]


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