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Capita’s escalation team have now passed the consolidated patch 22159 following testing and this will be released today.

They apologise for the delay in getting this out and hope applying this as a consolidated patch rather than many separate patches will save time. They would like to thank all the customers that have patiently waited for the issues to be addressed and hope your exams download day and subsequent analysis of the results goes smoothly.

We intend to release the consolidated patch later today and will be applying this for our secondary schools over the next couple of days.

The patch will contain the following individual patches:

The Exams Consolidated Patch will be number 22159. The patch will include a number of issues that Capita feel would benefit from being in this file.

The following list identifies all the issues fixed in 22159:

  • Issue 1 PRB13848 Patch 22150 – 2015 KS4 PI Measures using 2016 Rules for England Only
  • Issue 2 PRB13912 Patch 22152 – 2016 Edit PI Screen Discounting for Non GCSE Qualifications for England Only
  • Issue 3 PRB13659 Patch 22138 – U Grades at A Level for England Only
  • Issue 6 PRB14025 also Patch 22150 – A*-C in Maths and English for England Only
  • PRB13985 Patch 22149 – EDI and Non-Edi Results entered in year 2014 or previous years not pulling into Edi PI screen on CRD/CKD run.
  • PRB13928 Patch 22143 – Duplicate results appear when a result against QAN achieved in current year and same QAN exists in any previous year with PI points values.
  • PRB13775 Patch 22070- Exam – Assign NQF (National Qualifications Framework) with Exam Level code – NQF Level 2(L2) to Gradeset 20.
  • PRB13820 Patch 22059 – Certification Broadsheet Report crashed when run with selection of ALL seasons.

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