PS Financials
Health Checks

Are you getting the most from your PS Financials system?

Our PS Financials Health Checks are designed to ensure that the system is being used effectively and efficiently in your academy school or MAT.
PS Financials Accredited Support and Training Partner 2019

Have a think about your PS Financials system…

  • Do you know how to find key information when you need it most?
  • Does your approval workflow function?
  • Do you understand how security works?
  • Can you report easily?

Key outcomes of a PS Financials Health Check:

  • Management and security of data
  • Consistency of data
  • Job roles and tasks undertaken
  • Housekeeping processes

Our process is designed to suit you:

1. An SBS Finance consultant will log into your system to complete a full examination
2. We’ll assess permission levels and data security. Which staff can/should view certain areas?
3. Your team can ask us any questions or explain any common frustrations
4. A full report will be provided with:
- A list of recommendations for improved efficiency
- Areas where improvements and timesaving could be made
- Areas that can be streamlined and where errors may be occuring

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“Heatherlands Primary School joined Ocean Learning Trust recently and therefore I had to learn a new finance system, PS Financials, to align our school with the Trust. Receiving one-to-one training from SBS really helped me to pick up the new system quickly and the aftercare support I received was brilliant.”

Sue Smith – Finance Officer, Heatherlands Primary School

“When I first joined Queen Elizabeth’s School I received one-to-one training for PS Financials – a completely new system to me. SBS delivered the training onsite at my school and so we were able to use live documents from our school’s finances during the training, which gave me a greater understanding of how the system worked.”

Nick Baumber – Finance Officer, Queen Elizabeth’s School

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