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School Business Services is proud to offer free and accessible online content for schools, from across our group.


Best Practice Network is one of the UK’s largest providers of training, development and support for education professionals.

Our comprehensive range of programmes includes the government-approved National Professional Qualifications for school leaders, Early Years Initial Teacher Training and the National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO).

We know this is a busy and challenging time for teachers and school leaders due to coronavirus and school closures.

To support those that are currently able to engage with professional development, BPN are giving away 2 free online CPD modules for school colleagues looking to improve their understanding of pedagogy and SEND. The two free modules are taken from The School Suite – a comprehensive online learning resource for your school workforce. These modules can be accessed at any time.

The 2 FREE modules are:

  • Pedagogy and Practice (from our Teaching toolkit)
  • Understanding SEND (from our SEND toolkit)

If you would like to explore these resources, you are invited to access the 2 FREE modules.

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Judicium Education is a school support services company

They assist over 1700 schools across England and Wales, with:

  • HR advisory
  • Health and Safety Compliance (H&S)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Clerking and Governance

Judicium are now offering SBS clients, a 15% discount off their H&S service:

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During this unprecedented period, Judicium have been busy supporting their schools with

  • Infection Control Measures
  • Remote working / Lone working
  • Premises Checks for a Phased Re-Opening (gas, fire risk assessments etc)
  • Legionella – where a school’s water systems have been left unflushed etc
  • Amending risk assessments and policies – to reflect current and evolving circumstances

If you’d like to discuss any of the above, and the discounts available to SBS clients, please contact:

Georgina de Costa (BA Hons) • Business Development Manager
tel: 0203 326 9174
mob: 07399 185443

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