Are your interactive whiteboards due for renewal or upgrade? Do you want to use the latest interactive technology in your school?

Interactive whiteboards have been an essential classroom tool in the last ten years, but developments in screen and touch technology has surpassed IWBs.

They are a powerful tool in the classroom adding interactivity and collaboration, allowing the integration of media content into the lecture and supporting collaborative learning. Used innovatively they create a wide range of learning opportunities.

There’s no bulb or filter to replace, saving you money and stress. You won’t need any device drivers or calibration between a projector and board, you can just plug and go. Your screen will have HD picture quality, interactive performance, and complete portability, with no maintenance costs. SBS offers a fully managed installation service, with free, comprehensive site surveys plus ‘try before you buy’ options.

Whole class learning

Interactivity creates a more meaningful, socially rich experience than spoken word tutorials alone.

Collaborative learning

Interactive displays provide the opportunity for students to engage directly during lessons.

Interactive learning experience

Touch technology allows ‘hands-on’ manipulation of content, encouraging students to work collaboratively with their peers.

Learning together

It also provides new opportunities to share accumulated knowledge through project based learning experiences. Contact SBS for our ‘Total cost of ownership’ white paper to show schools the benefits and cost savings by moving to these devices in comparison to traditional white boards over a 3 year period.

Key benefits

  • No maintenance
  • Interactive, multi-touch HD display screen
  • No shadows or bright light beams
  • Extended back-light life
  • No re-calibration required, even in portable installations
  • Picture-perfect in bright rooms
  • Toughened 4mm safety glass
  • Integrated amplifier and speakers
  • Available in 46” to 82”, LCD/LED, Clear Glass
  • 3 years onsite swap out warranty

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