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During January, we have achieved several improvements to the software.

Improvement 1 – NI effective dates.

Hot on the heels of the salary scale effective dates is a similar roll-out for National Insurance. You can now apply as many different NI tables to your budget as you need. In Budgets > Settings scroll down to the NI tables section, click on Add National Insurance table, choose an effective date and then save your changes. Your budget will now automatically recalculate NI from the new date.

Improvement 2 – Budget Entry profiling.

The budget entry process has changed for the better. Firstly, you will be prompted to choose a brought forward, income or expenditure budget entry. Once you select a type, only the relevant budget codes will be available. In the new Create budget entry screen, it is now possible to profile and inflate the amounts. Click on Profile and choose how you would like to split the amounts. Both dates and amounts can be overwritten if needed. If you wish to inflate a budget entry based on the first year’s amounts, enter your percentage and click Apply Inflation. Your budget entry is now profiled and inflated.

Improvement 3 – Rounding.

This improvement allows you to round all values to the nearest pound. In Budgets > Settings, tick the box in the additional settings at the bottom of the screen to Round monetary values. Your budget will now be rounded in all relevant screens. This option can be turned on and off in any budget at any time.

Improvement 4 – Bulk-delete contracts block.

Following a recent spate of accidentally deleted contracts, we have now prevented users from bulk deleting staff contracts. While it is still possible to delete them one at a time, if you want to remove a number of contracts you will be prompted to contact the Service Desk first to confirm the deletion. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

As always, please contact the helpdesk should you require any assistance or have any questions.

Next up

  1. Future values for allowances and custom salary scales.
  2. NI calculations and implications of 2016 NI and superannuation changes.

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