March release items

The main March release saw the introduction of new Statutory and Occupational Maternity Pay calculation tables in your SBS Online planner.

As a result, it is now possible to select, by budget, if you would like to calculate employer maternity costs using the statutory or occupational calculations. You can even devise and apply your own maternity leave pay structure if you wish.

To apply either the Statutory or Occupational tables, edit your budget settings and select the relevant maternity pay table (SMP – 2013/14 or OMP 2013/14). The salary forecasts and budget reports will automatically be updated with the latest calculations.

If you would like to create your own maternity pay structure, get in touch and we will walk you through the process!

Please be aware that should you edit a ‘monitoring’ budget to select one of the new maternity tables, then this will impact your staffing commitments and therefore update any completed salary or budget monitors.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the helpdesk!

What Next?: Improved performance and a new report…

This month we will be working on improving the overall performance of SBS Online. Whilst we are sure you will agree, performance is generally very good with minimal downtime and speed being good, we still feel this could be improved.

To an extent, this will be a relatively low key release and transparent to you as an end user – with the exception of faster processing times! Therefore we are adding some additional items to the April release, these include:

  • A new report enabling you to compare budget scenarios by reporting code
  • Additional columns in the Staff by Year report, showing ‘hours’ and ‘weeks’ for support staff
  • Minor bug fix: Support salary scales correctly ordered in screen
  • In screen view of which NI table in use for current budget

As with all new releases, full details will be offered in the home screen with updated interactive help articles.

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