Census Key Information


Selected Period and Pupil Funding

Specifying the Selected Period on Census Day

The selected period on the Census Day is used in conjunction with the class information collected in the return. It is based on the last digit of the DfE establishment number and is the period on Census Day (as defined by the DfE) when your school should run the return.

Selected Period is based on the last digit of a schools DfE establishment number as follows:

  • 2,3 or 6: The selected time is one hour/period AFTER the start of afternoon school
  • 4,7,8 or 9: The selected time is one hour/period AFTER the start of morning school
  • 0,1 or 5: The selected time is one hour/period BEFORE the end of morning school

For secondary schools the period number is selected and the data is pulled from the school’s timetable.
For primary/junior schools this period is used to record the activity the classes are doing at the specified time.

Key Information

Early Years Funding is allocated based on the 2016 Spring Census.
A new data item has been added to the AP Census. The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) was introduced for disadvantaged three and four year olds from April 2015.

Pupil Premium Funding is calculated from the 2016 Spring Census.

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