Your SIMS Summer Upgrade is here! (7.182)

SIMS Spring release

The Change Request Release!

The new upgrade is out and available now and comes with a vast array of little changes that have been made based on customer feedback through Capita’s Change Request system.

Please note: Secondary’s will require this upgrade to be applied BEFORE Exam’s Day if you’re planning to use the SIMS for exams analysis.

Main changes

  • Bulk deleting of student area added
  • Programmes of Study: Bulk assigning and editing of school expectations
  • Changes to the exams analysis area for England, Wales and Northern Ireland for this summers results
  • Updates to statutory returns for the forthcoming term
  • Change Requests Added

Due to the volume of new Change Requests added we’ve produced a helpful document for you.

Download now!

Our personal favourites

  • When adding a new column in a marksheet you can specify where in the template it goes, rather than it always starting at the bottom
  • You can now add on extra fields of your choice to the Student Teacher View
  • Percentage Attendance, SEN Needs in one column and students current class have been added to the Student List reports.

As usual we are now booking in and carrying out the upgrades for our schools, and if you would like to call or email in and let us know when you would like this to carried out, our team would be very grateful due to the amount of schools they have to get through!

Call 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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