Next generation of Exams in SIMS


Capita have released a sneak preview of the direction they’re heading for the next generation of Exams in SIMS.

A very early preview of what to expect and how you can feedback with your thoughts.

Key Notes

  • Will be a web-based system
  • Will work with SIMS 7 (The current SIMS) and SIMS8/SIMS Secondary (The in development web-based SIMS system) and even other MIS systems
  • Will show a lot more information than the current Exams organiser, including key dates for individual exams and the full description from the Exam Boards catalogues
  • Will allow direct submission to Exam Boards without the need to come out of the program into another program as happens currently

There is a lot more than just this, so if you’re interested and/or want to provide feedback on the direction this is going I highly recommend watching the video and signing up to be able to look at the POC (Proof of Concept) and comment.

Remember, this is a very early look at the new system and there is currently no release date.

Link for the POC Click here

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