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MIS Service Desk support for schools and academies

MIS Service Desk support is provided by experienced education sector MIS consultants. We operate a dedicated helpdesk that is manned by experienced consultants, ensuring a timely and appropriate response.

Service Desk support is available for MIS-related queries and issues with Capita SIMS systems, and general school data management and reporting. The team can easily run upgrades and patches remotely without interrupting the school day.

Through the use of secure remote support software we are able to access your systems (with permission) to help identify issues, provide solutions and ensure resolution.

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MIS KPI (%) met over the last 12 months
Priority level 1 98%
Priority level 2 95%
Priority level 3 78%
Priority level 4 92%
Priority level 5 95%
Average 91%

How and when can you expect a response from us?

When a support case is logged with us we will aim to resolve your query immediately but if this is not possible, your query will be referred for investigation. The time needed to carry out this investigation will depend on the complexity of the issue. It may be necessary to ask you a few questions in order to establish additional information or even to request a copy of the data for further investigations.

Our MIS Support Team aims to resolve cases according to their priority and impact on the running of the school:

Priority Level Priority Definition Some examples Call Response (after Service Desk call logged) Target Resolution
1 Service, system, hardware or software problem affecting many users and the customer’s organisation cannot function Unable to access entire system 30 minutes 4 hours
2 Service, system, hardware, or software problem affecting many users but it is not critical to the operation of the organisation Error message received when trying to create a new year. Unable to upgrade or unable to apply patches to database. Time of year specific, i.e. August exams problems. No workaround or manual process available 2 hours 8 hours
3 Service, system, hardware, or software or problem affecting one to five users, or partial loss of functionality within a module Error messages Unable to print. However, can print screen and print through Word. User permissions. A workaround or manual process is available. 4 hours 16 hours
4 Service, system, hardware software problem affecting one user, or usage queries. No operational impact. Export of marksheets. Export of reports.
“How do I’s”.
Minor adverse impact on the provision to end users.
8 hours 32 hours
5 Requests for advice and guidance regarding the systems and services supported, or a problem where the school has agreed to a delayed response (e.g. where a member of staff prefers a resolution during school holiday) Training and consultancy visit requests. Remote Services. Booking of upgrade dates within 48 hours 5 days – 90%
10 days – 97%

Response means initial contact from SBS regarding your incident via email or telephone.
Resolution means a solution is offered. If a visit or involvement of 3rd party is required then this case will be put into a state of ‘hold’ until the visit or solution has been carried out.

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