Friday June 9th 2023

Let's recognise
and celebrate the achievements of our School Business Leaders

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National School Business Leaders’ Day has been created by School Business Services to recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution School Business Leaders make to their schools and the
wider community.

On National School Business Leaders’ Day, we want schools to celebrate the vital role SBLs play and recognise the amazing way that they have championed and supported one other.

About #NationalSBLDay

Celebrations in the run-up to and on
Friday June 9th will include:

    • Celebration event, including guest speaker TBA
    • Give and receive #SBLKudos
    • Interviews and guest blogs
    • Partner offers


Martine Wright

Martine Wright MBE, 7/7 survivor, lost both legs in the Circle line bombing during the 2005 terrorist attacks in London.

She considers herself a lucky woman with a whole new life of opportunities. Martine has since rebuilt her life, skydived, earned her pilot’s license, become a wife, become a mother, become captain of the British Paralympic Sitting volleyball team, charity ambassador, mentor to patients, Patron and an inspirational and motivational speaker.

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Action Jackson

Action Jackson is the UK ambassador for happiness, an award winning motivational speaker and author, television talk show host and a mentor to many.

Specialising in motivation, leadership, public speaking, creativity and innovation, he has spent the last 20 years travelling across the UK and the world, motivating and empowering people to DREAM BIG, ACT NOW, never give up because of the Greatness within them.

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Leave your own #SBLKudos message for someone

Your submitted kudos will be shared on our website, social media and PR.

School staff are encouraged to leave their own #SBLKudos message for someone. Whether that’s supporting emerging practitioners, thanking peers that mentor other SBLs, or stories of specific achievements and ingenious solutions.

Live feed of #SBLKudos

From: Hannah Gilroy
To: Amy Young

"I wanted to give #SBLKudos to my amazing colleague Amy! She is just so wonderful, friendly, funny and I don't know what I would do without her! "

From: Marie Adams
To: Baljit Bains

"Baljit has had a really tough time but she's still smiling and still being a truly awesome SBM"

From: Gill Mcdonald
To: Tina Christmas

"I’d like to thank Tina for her help and support it has made a real difference to my role."

From: Karen Hayler
To: Sarah Jones @accidentialsbm

"Your passion, enthusiasm and experience is inspiring and I wish you all the best with your well deserved new role. "

From: Kerry Stanford
To: Sarah Rothwell

"Thanks for always going the extra mile to support and assist all of the staff and pupils in all our 9 schools and our central team! We couldn’t do it without you!! "

From: Sarah Deacon
To: Laura Williams

"Thank you to Laura for her constant! Her emails are brilliant and knowing she is out there for information is great! Thanks Laura"

From: Sam Knowd
To: All of the BDAT trust SBM network

"These two networks are literally a local lifeline. Face to face support, on the end of the phone, daily group emails asking for help and often instantly replying. You special people (current and former BDAT ESBMs) -..."

From: Conny Brandt
To: @Lauraljbusiness

"Thank you for advice, understanding and always being there!"

From: Conny Brandt
To: @SBL365 Hilary Goldsmith

"For being awesome!"

From: Conny Brandt
To: @PaulineAitch

"For picking up on what Special School SBLs need, and responding so quickly and effectively"

From: Nicky Hodgson
To: All SBM's/SBL's

"You are all amazing and we all need each other!"

From: Claire Walters
To: Pauline Aitchison

"Thank you for all of your work setting up the National Network of Special Schools - it has been of huge value. "

From: Vix
To: Cheryl Campbell @CherylSBM

"For being such a driving force in the SBL Community. Proud to be #TeamLondon for the #SBMStepsChallenge participant!"

From: Claire Walters
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"Thank you for your book and being so funny on twitter (and sweary!). "

From: Carrie Osborne
To: Tracy Wall

"I would like to give #SBLKudos to my amazing finance assistant for her knowledge, hard work and good humour and for her strength in overcoming personal adversity. I couldn't do what I do without her."

From: Claire Milne
To: Sue Fletcher-White

"For always going the extra mile in everything she does for the school. Nothing is too much trouble."

From: Tracey Fenn
To: SLT @ Ashby Hill Top

"What a team we are! Together we have been through so much and come out stronger the other side I appreciate all of your courage, communication, strength, leadership and humour to name but a few of the traits that m..."

From: Anjna Chadha

"Works over and above all the time and helped me through my bereavement when i lost my hubby 3 months ago"

From: Kerry Stanford
To: Sarah Rothwell

"Thanks for always being there and supportive!! Your a STAR!!"

From: Melanie Mills
To: Emma Plane

"A heartfelt thank you to our SBL Emma for the outstanding work and leadership you bring, day in day out. You make such a wonderful difference to our schools and our children. Thank you!"

From: Vanessa
To: David Young

"For being a pillar in my support system, being the kindest, most humble and trustworthy person for whom I have infinite admiration and gratitude"

From: Sam Knowd
To: The #SBLConnect crew

"Always informative, nearly always funny which is always a bonus. Outraged is good too so we can have a collective rant...."

From: Emma Harrison
To: BCCET Central Team and all of our School business staff

"Thank you for the amazing job you do every day, you are appreciated. Enjoy the trust celebrations today!"

From: Sharon Williams
To: Lisa Appleton CEO Accordia Academies Trust

"Leading our schools, staff and pupils ahead - and making a difference for our pupils"

From: Jonny Coates
To: Emma Harrison at BCCET and Louise Levy at BWCET

"Louise and Emma have supported me with my career progression and just general advice, being honest sounding boards with great knowledge, experience and advice. Nothing is ever a problem despite their incredible work..."

From: Baljit Bains
To: Marie Adams

"Thank you to Marie for her unwaivering support and fabulous mentoring advice. also Kudos to @SBLMentors and @CherylSBM for connecting us!!"

From: Andrea Howard
To: Shirley Si Ahmed

"Amazing presentation at Ed Edxec! Love your opinions!!"

From: Rachael Wainwright
To: Vanessa Lambert

"She is a fantastic colleague and mentor who always has time to give advice and listen."

From: Steve Livesey
To: Jo Wright

"You are amazing and keep the whole Trust going"

From: Gill Benning
To: Elaine Gilpin

"I work with sbls in their many forms across the country via CIF and other curriculum bidding so meet many of you. Elaine Gilpin from Stramongate Ptomary school Kendal is simply outstanding. She keeps that school afl..."

From: Tom Moseley
To: #SBLTwitter Community

"Just a huge thanks to everyone on the #SBLTwitter community. Being new to the role and not knowing many other SBLs the networking on Twitter has helped so much as I adapted to the new role. Thanks :)"

From: Sally McConnell
To: Sally Moore

"Thank you for all the help and support "

From: Sarah Casling
To: Laura Williams

"For a new SBM, Laura's masterclasses and supportive emails have massively helped.... I've really appreciated the support and whilst I've not always had the time to interact as much as I would have liked, the fact I ..."

From: Emma Plane
To: All our fabulous SBLs

"Although it often feels as though we are swimming against the tide, you all do a fabulous job for your schools. Thank you!"

From: Emma Plane
To: Karen Jarvis

"I just don’t know what we would do without you! You are always there when we need you. Thank you! "

From: Emma Plane
To: Hayley Kelly

"Thank you for all that you do for the Hopton family. You are wonderful!"

From: Karen Hayler
To: Kate Truss

"Thank you for supporting me in my first week of my new role - your knowledge and experience sharing has been invaluable. "

From: Dawn Gallagher
To: Jamie Elliott

"It’s been quite a journey so far. We have seen highs and lows, twists and turns and we have navigated our way together with steadfast determination and true grit. Thank you. "

From: Val Andrew
To: Generally to new SBL's

"There's a lot of negative language circulating on social media about the profession and the challenges we face. I am not trivialising the challenges, but for the next generation of SBL professionals I believe that t..."

From: Jo Gathern
To: @sbmsea

"My partner in crime and best SBM buddy. Always there to lend an ear, compare notes, share ideas, and have a giggle. Every SBM needs a bestest SBM buddy like her! "

From: Bradley Smith
To: Jenny Goy

"Thank you for all your help and support it has been amazing. "

"Thank you Emma! You have had a whirlwind of a year - learning as you go! Your commitment and enthusiasm do not go unnoticed and we think you're amazing!"

From: Sarah Casling
To: Laura Williams

"For a new SBM, Laura's masterclasses and supportive emails have massively helped.... I've really appreciated the support and whilst I've not always had the time to interact as much as I would have liked, the fact I ..."

From: Bradley Smith
To: Jenny Goy

"Thank you for all your help and support it has been amazing. "

From: Nicola Chester (CEO)
To: Kathryn Johnson

"Kathryn has been my rock, friend and an amazing shoulder over the last year when she came to work with me at my last trust. She’s been a constant comfort and source of advice and guidance for me and supported me ..."

"Thank you for being such an amazing SBM, colleague and member of the team - your diligence and commitment help to make our school run like a well-oiled machine!"

"Anne, thank you so much for all you do for us all! We could not have successfully kept both our Special Schools open throughout the pandemic without you"

"A simply brilliant colleague. Jeanette keeps us all organised; ensures effective communication; constantly scans the horizon and has one eye out for a bargain at all times! Never afraid to don the rubber gloves eith..."

"Often your hard work goes unnoticed but you are always highly valued. Thank you."

"Duwan, you are simply one in a trillion. I could not run this school without you. You are instrumental in our school being Outstanding. Thank you for being so awesome. Your commitment is second to none."

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