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Financial Year 2015-16 Calculation Spreadsheet – this file allows you to copy and paste the DfE CSV file and this will then calculate the amounts of Pupil Premium for the school.

Download the file, unzip and save. You will then need to download the latest PPI CSV file from the DfE and copy and paste this data into the 5th tab labelled CSV_Data. The calculations will then be made within the Calculation and Summary tabs.

Download the zip file →

A new version of Tools | Pupil Premium | Import has been included with the SIMS Summer Release 2015. This new version includes the following improvements.

Validation is now carried out be examining the content of the DfE CSV file rather than the file name.

A missing Adopted from care column is now catered for (the DfE misses out the Adopted from Care column when the CSV is for a pupil where the Premium was given to a different school).

The pre SIMS Summer Release 2015 version of this functionality did not have the improvements described above and cannot therefore deal with July 2015 files nor files for pupils where the Premium was given to a different school.

Capita would have liked to have been able to include the improvement described above in the SIMS Spring Release 2015, but did not receive the DfE specification in time for that release.

They understand that the 2016 version of the DfE CSV file will include a column for the Early Years Pupil Premium, so are planning to provide a new version of the Import for the SIMS Spring Release 2016, but this will only be possible if the DfE specification is received in time for that release.

Should you require any assistance with the use of the PPI spreadsheet or importing the CSV please contact the MIS Service Desk misservicedesk@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk

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