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Remote Finance and Business Support Services offer a flexible contract framework to provide proactive support and management of school and academy budgets and finance processes allowing you to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Off-site management of school budgets and finance procedures

Remote service contracts can support your existing SLA, or as a standalone option, taking away the burden of time-consuming tasks. Contracts can be tailored to your specific needs and budget and may, for example, include processing, month end, reporting, or budget monitoring and analysis.

School resources are supported through a range of professional and consulting services in planning, project implementation, health check, ongoing review and continuous improvement.

Services are delivered remotely, via a secure connection, between the school and the SBS head office using advanced, enterprise-class software and service desk tools that provide full management visibility. Clients enjoy peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that day-to-day finance services are running at optimum levels to meet or exceed agreed SLAs, leaving your school staff free to focus on Teaching and Learning.

Remote system support results in the following benefits:

  • Efficient and cost effective – Faster, more efficient service with much lower costs
  • Green – Environmentally friendly, travel-free service
  • Client-friendly – Negligible impact on busy clients
  • After hours – We can work when our schools don’t
  • Fast response – Immediate support via the internet
  • Less intrusive – If you don’t want us to be there, we don’t need to be

Service level options

Remote Bursary/Transactional Services

The transactional team delivers high quality, fully-managed supplier payments, accurate income allocation and debt recovery services to ensure sound financial management.

Remote BACS Setup and Training

This service will take the user through the process of creating BACS payments and uploading files to be processed via the school’s online banking system.

Remote End of Year Preparation

The team will perform all the essential month end procedures and a preliminary close. In consultation with your finance team, we will process any necessary end of year adjustments such as accruals, prepayments, receipts in advance, etc, to complete the end of year closure in line with the requirements of the Local Authority or the EFA.

Academies will require additional processes and this can be undertaken in consultation with your nominated accountants to feed into your annual audit.

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