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Professional, efficient budget management software for maintained schools, academies & MATs and independents. Accessed anywhere via SBS Online.

SBS Budgets is a secure, cloud-based budget management system, incorporating budget planning and monitoring in one easy to use interface.

We have developed this unique software, SBS Budgets, to not only provide up to ten year salary forecasting, budget formulation and full reporting suite, but also full salary and budget monitoring functionality, allowing the user to confidently forecast a school’s year-end financial position.

Our ‘Multi-school’ feature allows for interaction between Schools, Federations, Clusters, Trusts and Local Authorities, and provides in depth reporting.

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Features to benefit your maintained school, single academy, MAT or independent school.

  • Manage school budgets up to a 5 year period (or longer if desired)
  • Budget staffing salaries
  • Completely cloud-based solution
  • Link with your current accounting/finance system
  • Auto-payroll reconciliation with ease
  • Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) level access & reporting
  • Comprehensive budget monitoring suite
  • All setup (including importing your current data i.e. staffing, accounting structure, budgets etc) handled by SBS for your convenience
  • Much more cost effective – guaranteed to be cheaper than what you are currently paying!

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Create a budget, decide the timeframe it is to run for and how you wish to report – CFR, GAG or create your own customised reporting structure. Create your staffing database within SBS Budgets, then ‘pick and drop’ contracts to include or exclude in your different budgets.

Seamlessly enter or import your income and non staffing expenses.


Use the reporting suite to run summary, detailed and graphical analysis of all aspects of your budget, including staffing structure costs, full budget EFA returns, budget comparisons, per pupil costs and even expenditure of specific ring fenced funds. Export your reports to Excel or PDF to take to important meetings.

Once agreed, you can fix any number of budgets to protect from any subsequent amendments.

Salary Monitor

Seamlessly import your monthly payroll file for an auto reconciliation between what actual monthly payments were made and what the expected monthly payments were according to your SBS Budgets budget.

This not only ensures that all staff are kept happy, but also that future budgets are correct as the relevant staffing contracts are included.

Budget Monitor

Take all future staffing commitments from SBS Budgets and merge the data with the actual payments and purchase orders held within your finance software to give a year-end financial position by budget code, cost centre and reporting code.

Integrate your budgeting

SBS Budgets is accessed anywhere via SBS Online, your Self-Service Suite for School Business Management.

The SBS Online Welcome Screen now features SBS Budgets, SBS Sync and additional resources, with SBS ICFP coming soon. Furthermore, this paves the way for future SBS applications and resources to benefit school business management.


  • New SBS customers only or new SBS Budgets purchases by existing SBS customers of our support services (Finance & Business, HR & Payroll, ICT and MIS)
  • Only one offer can be redeemed per school or trust


  • After 3-years the standard SBS Budgets licence pricing applies, as per your contract
  • Trusts may wish to purchase an SBS Budgets MAT planner which is subject to an additional cost
  • Any additional remote work or site visits may be subject to an additional charge

Setup and durations

  • 3-year SBS Budgets offer rate commences upon the date of licence activation
  • Your 3-year offer period will automatically renew at quoted price, unless you serve notice to sbsonline@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk ahead of your expiry date, as per your contract
  • Should you decide to serve your notice after 3 years, rest assured your data can be reserved for 12 months to enable you to reactivate your account upon payment


  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time

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