SBS Online Release: Improved Excel Exports

Our latest release contains three significant enhancements plus a couple of minor bug fixes.

Excel Exports

Both this and the previous release have standardised and improved the process for exporting to PDF and Excel.

In this release the Excel export has been overhauled and now exports as an XLSX file instead of the previous CSV. This presents the data with much more colour and includes subtotal rows and formulae.

Page numbers on PDF

This feature was requested by one of our customers. Page numbers are now available on all PDF exports. You will be able to see the page number in the top right hand corner of each page of the exported PDF with the exception of the cover page.

Maximum scale column on staff by year report

We have added this recently released contract level setting as a column to the staff by year report.

You will now be able to view, filter and order support staff within the staff by year report by their maximum scale point. Like other columns, it can be hidden if preferred.

We have prepared a short video to show the benefits of these new release items. This video will also be available within your planner from the home screen news update.

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