SBS Online – September Update


The latest update to SBS Online contains some improvements to service term management, cost centre usage and new functionality for Multi-Academy Trusts.

Multiple Budget Codes to Service Terms

It is now required that users map service terms to three budget codes simultaneously:

  • Basic pay budget code
  • National Insurance budget code
  • Superannuation budget code

For schools using this structure within their budget codes, this will now allow a split in service term costs between basic, NI and super on the Revenue report.

If this is not in line with your budget codes structure, simply use the same budget code for all three. Cost centres remain unaffected.

Mandatory Cost Centres

Cost centres are applied to service terms, budget entries and, if in use, student groups. Users now have the option to make cost centres mandatory.

This option is available at Admin level, so if you are interested in applying this to your planner, please call the Service Desk so that we can action it for you. If you are happy for cost centres to remain optional, you need take no further action.

New Functionality for Multi Academy Trusts

  • Budget code filtering – set a code at the child planner level which pre-filters the chart of accounts from the parent planner to only show budget codes containing that code. For example, for MATs with several schools which all have their own prefixed code structure, this will prevent one school from seeing unnecessary codes.
  • Show minimal dashboard – for large MATs, a more manageable and streamlined dashboard is now available which focuses on showing disparities between budgets in child planners and the parent planner’s budget.
  • Access levels – two new user access levels are available for those MATs wishing to maintain more control over basic budget settings and the chart of accounts.

Please get in touch via the Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8 if you have any queries.

SBS Online is the leading budget planning and monitoring software package for schools, trusts and local authorities. Learn more about how SBS Online can make your life easier.

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