We provide a consultative service for school improvement, which is a powerful activity that delivers operational excellence and has a positive impact on classroom teaching

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Deployed to assist your school throughout the improvement process, we can provide an experienced Consultant Headteacher to deliver the following support:

  • act as an independent reviewer
  • provide appropriate encouragement, challenge and support to an existing or newly-appointed headteacher
  • advise the board of governors
  • champion improved teaching and learning
School Improvement

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Extensive research is revealing the powerful impact that school leadership teams can have in improving the quality of teaching and learning. To drive school improvement your Consultant Headteacher will focus on:

SBS Finance  Vision - Ensuring all improvement initiatives are filtered through the shared vision of the school leaders

SBS Finance  Teaching & Learning - Ensuring practices and policies are continually assessed for learning outcomes

SBS Finance  Support Systems - Ensuring efficient systems are in place for the effective management of finances, data,          human resources, facilities and admissions

SBS Finance  Community - Ensuring there is a shared purpose for school management, parents and the wider community

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