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SBS has developed a SIMS Assessment solution for Stick Mark Boom to enable schools to maximise its invaluable monitoring capability and track pupil progress.

+ Saves teachers time

+ Pupils engaged in next steps

+ Evidence for Ofsted

SIMS Accredited
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About Stick Mark Boom

  • SMB is a powerful Assessment for Learning tool
  • Easy-to-apply sticker system allows interactive
    and colourful marking
  • Includes English, Maths, Science,
    Religious Education and Foundation Subjects
  • Used by over 5,000 pupils

SIMS Assessment solution for Stick Mark Boom SIMS Assessment solution for Stick Mark BoomSIMS Assessment solution for Stick Mark Boom

Example success criteria stickers shown: English with Stick Mark Boom

About SBS SIMS Assessment solution

The SBS MIS Support team has converted
Stick Mark Boom’s child-friendly success
criteria stickers into a powerful SIMS Assessment
solution, featuring key analysis and reporting tools:

  • Marksheets
  • Analysis grids
  • Scatter graphs
SIMS Assessment solution for Stick Mark Boom

The data is ideal for reporting to teachers,
governors, parents and Ofsted.

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Fully supported solution

Level Item description
Setup Full provision and installation of SIMS Assessment resources (includes templates, analysis and tracking grids) for use with Stick Mark Boom
Training/Consultancy We can support schools with onsite training/consultancy to:

- import all of the Stick Mark Boom resources
- demonstrate how the tracking and analysis of the cohort can assist the teaching staff and provide evidence for Ofsted.
- enable the school to create the end of year reporting to parents within SIMS Assessment Manager to colour map the SMB stickers.

Half or full day options available

Remote Support Email and telephone support for the Stick Mark Boom SIMS Assessment package.

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