SIMS Spring Upgrade 2018 – 7.180


The snows are gone and Spring is on its way, and to mark its passage as always, it’s not Easter, it’s the new SIMS Spring Upgrade!

As usual, we are starting to contact our schools to get this booked in for completion overnight.

This is a time-consuming process for us so if you’d like to give us a call to book this in I know that the team would be very grateful.

Please remember to ensure that there is an IT technician in on the day following the upgrade just in case there are any issues.

You should also remind your staff to leave their laptops behind and plugged in and on, and the same thing goes for all other computers that had SIMS or FMS on them (although hopefully, your staff aren’t taking those home!)

This release makes available the Summer School Census but like the last upgrade this release is mostly an upgrade that fixes a lot of little problems, please find the full release notes below.

Download now! →

Any other questions and to book in your upgrade please contact the SIMS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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