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SIMS Maintaining the Timetable (using Nova T6)

Course description

The course deals with how to change rooms and add a teacher or assistant, amend the timetable following staff changes, establish teacher and room carousels, implement communication between T6, T4 and SQL, as well as using non class codes.
ict audits and forward strategy

Target audience

All school staff with responsibility for day-to-day maintenance of the timetable.

Upcoming dates

Full day London training course – Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Location: London – Swiss Cottage School, Development & Research Centre

Full Day Course with refreshments and a buffet lunch included – 10am to 4pm

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By the end of the course you will have learnt how to:

  • Change the room and teacher of a timetabled class
  • Add additional staff onto classes, as is the case with support
  • Carousel teachers and/or rooms around classes in a block
  • Deal with the arrival of new staff
  • Maintain the integrity of data between T6 and SIMS .net (SQL)

Knowledge required

Prior knowledge of Nova T6 is helpful but not assumed. Knowledge of academic management also useful.

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