SIMS Exams – results day guidance updated for 2017


As the academic year draws to a close and we look ahead to the summer holidays, Exams Officers in particular are turning their attentions to preparations for the results days.

Results Day Survival Kit

The mini-guide has been updated for 2017 and aims to provide Examinations Officers with the most up-to-date information for successful results download days, including sections on:

  • What to check before Results Day
  • Accessing Results on Results Day
  • The Performance Indicators process in SIMS
  • Discounting
  • Group Performance Analysis

You can download your copy of the Results Day Survival Kit here.

Download now →

Point Scores

The DfE have released the 2017 point scores for KS4 qualifications – you can access them here, along with updated guidance about calculating performance points. These will need to be entered via Manage Performance Indicators and you can refer to our earlier blog for more information and guidance.

As always, the MIS Service Desk will be available throughout the entire summer break to assist with any queries.Call 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

SIMS Patch to update Performance Indicators

SIMS Patch to update Performance Indicators

Following feedback from SIMS users, Capita have released a patch (number 23087) designed to help address some concerns raised regarding the accurate updating of performance indicators.


Performance Measures for England 2017 – Important News

IMPORTANT NEWS: Performance Measures for England 2017

Did you know that this summer Capita SIMS will not be creating a Performance Measures file (PM file) for English schools?


Progress 8 and Attainment 8

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are hot topics right now. Last Thursday, when most schools and academies were running their Census, the DfE published the national performance tables for Key Stages 4 and 5 and for the first time, these measures were published as Attainment 8 and Progress 8 (each on a scale of 1 […]


Consolidated Exams patch available

Capita have now released a consolidated exams patch (22509) which adds the newly identified discount codes TA1, TA2 and TA3 as well as correcting JCQ Gradeset 43 and fixing basedata issues previously addressed by patches 22477 and 22357. Please contact us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email if you would like us to apply […]


Exams Performance Measures File version 2

Capita have released a version 2 of the Performance Measure File for exams information. This file along with the latest QAN catalogue are important for your reporting of exam results and analysis. Download now! →


Exams Patches from Capita

Capita’s escalation team have now passed the consolidated patch 22159 following testing and this will be released today. They apologise for the delay in getting this out and hope applying this as a consolidated patch rather than many separate patches will save time. They would like to thank all the customers that have patiently waited […]


Getting ready for Exams Results Day

A new Performance Measures file has just been released by CAPITA. Schools will need to ensure that they are on the Summer version of SIMS (7.170) before proceeding with the import. Download the file here → Extract the file and make a note of the location In SIMS, go to Tools | Examinations | Import […]


Top tips for effective exams analysis

With the busy exam season now upon us analysing your final exam results begins to rank highly on the list of priorities. This year the emphasis on exam outcomes is somewhat greater with new performance measures in the form of Attainment/Progress 8. Some sixth forms and universities are also requesting Attainment 8 scores as part […]


Progress 8 data within the SIMS School Report

We have seen this recent video from Capita regarding Progress 8 and thought it may be of interest to our readers because of how you can now view the Progress 8 data within the SIMS School Report and within the Exams Performance Indicator reports. This should be a good timesaver and will be welcomed by […]


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