Assessment Data & Student Progress


What will you show Ofsted in the future when their inspectors call?

Life after levels, beginning in September 2015, will still require students to be assessed.

Importantly, those assessments will need to be able to show pupil progress through learning.

SBS can offer you the chance of a half day consultancy visit to discuss how SIMS can help you move forward covering each of the three main areas; student data collection and collation, data analysis and reporting. The software is adaptable to most potential scenarios that a school could consider implementing. The consultation can either discuss the scope that SIMS has to offer in each area (as outlined below), or home in on the ones most appropriate for your needs, if you have a preferred method of assessment for the future in mind already.

For schools with an existing Service Level Agreement (SLA) the half day consultancy could be taken from your SLA allowance or be chargeable @ £300. Schools without an SLA can book a half day consultancy visit at a cost of £400.

Call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email for further information or to book an appointment with one of our SIMS consultants to discuss your requirements.

Data Collection and Collation

There are three broad approaches in which SIMS can be used to accommodate the changes schools may wish to make to collect and collate their student tracking data:

  1. The production of data tracking templates and associated mark sheets – useful if a school wishes to continue to use some form of levels or grades for monitoring, in a similar vein to now.
  2. The utilisation of a form of APP style tracking grids based on the new curriculum which Capita has made available with the Summer Release of the SIMS software.
  3. The creation of a bespoke series of tracking templates, mark sheets and/or progress grids which are based on school derived systems such as Skills Learning Ladders or Curriculum Mastery measurements.

Data Analysis

Interpreting data is essential to identify the amount of progress made by each student. Analyses have to be easily available for different audiences from a Class teacher to a School Improvement Partner. SIMS has a lot to offer in this area. It can be used to produce a variety of numerical analysis grids (called Group, Aspect, Result Set and Chance Analysis – these will be explained by your consultant) dependent on the school’s requirements.

Tracking grids, on the other hand, show student names with the data and are ideal for homing in to see where intervention is needed. Basic analysis can be done by manipulation of the marksheets. This is ideal to give class teachers ownership of the achievement and progress of their own students.

Reporting of Progress

There is a need to communicate information to different audiences such as parents, senior management teams and governors. SIMS can be used to produce reports tailored for each group. Between the Profiles and Assessment Manager Modules, there are extremely flexible reporting systems for communication to parents. These allow reporting in terms of statements of achievement, data levels/grades reached, or a mixture of the two. Graphs of progress or free text are other options available within the modules.

In addition to the analyses grids mentioned above there are extra numerical (using the SIMS school report) and graphical (using the Discover module) methods of reporting available for the School Leadership, Governors, SIPS and of course Ofsted.

With so much available why not book yourself a discussion with one of our consultants and plan how to move forward with confidence in your MIS system?

Call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email for further information or to book an appointment with one of our SIMS consultants to discuss your requirements.

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