Autumn Census Update


Many of you will now be well underway with your preparations for the Autumn Census, the date for which is next Thursday 6th October 2016.

You will no doubt be aware of the significant data gathering and input exercise related to the new data items: Country of Birth; Pupil Nationality and Proficiency in English. The errors that may be generated in relation to these items are:

3050: Please check: Pupil’s Country of Birth is missing or an invalid value
3055: Please check: Pupil’s Nationality is missing or an invalid value
3060: Please check: Pupil’s Country of Birth is an invalid value
3065: Please check: Pupil’s Nationality is an invalid value

The following codes will now be accepted as valid for all the above errors in addition to any of the specific country/nationality codes available in SIMS:

  • REF Refused
  • NYO Not yet obtained
  • STA Stateless
  • NKO Not known

Proficiency in English (on roll pupils only)

This is only required where both the following apply for a pupil.

  1. First Language is recorded as ‘other than English’, i.e. not: ENG – English or ENB – Believed to be English
  2. The YTI is recorded as Reception or above (or the pupil is aged 4 and above as at 31 August 2016 where National Curriculum does not apply)

The list of ‘Proficiency in English’ codes is as follows.

A – New to English
B – Early acquisition
C – Developing competence
D – Competent
E – Fluent
N – Not yet assessed

The DfE will accept “N – Not yet assessed” where there has not been enough time for the assessments to take place for the Autumn Census 2016.

Both the code from the assessment and the date that assessment took place will be collected.

From School Census Spring 2017 onwards this item will only be collected in the Spring School Census.

NB. Country of Birth and Nationality – SVK (Slovakia) - Errors 3050, 3055, 3060, 3065, 3070 and 3075

Please note that SVK (Slovakia) has not been taken into account for the final version of the autumn XSLT validation. As SVK is a valid country and nationality for the Autumn 2016 schools Census, these validation failures can be ignored where SVK has been assigned to a pupil.

Once the return has been uploaded onto COLLECT these error will disappear.

Special Schools only – errors 2500 and 2510

Please note all schools with a phase of SP (special school) will trigger Error 2500 (for on roll pupils) and Error 2510 (for leavers) in the final version of the autumn XSLT validation. These error should only apply for termly attendance data. As special schools are only required to return annual attendance data in the autumn 2016 school census, these error can be ignored in special schools MIS.

Once the return has been uploaded onto COLLECT these errors will disappear. Please note Error 2611 which triggers if annual attendance data is missing for relevant pupils has been implemented correctly.

As always, you can contact our MIS Service Desk for more information or assistance on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or

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