Not using the national Teachers’ Pay increases for 2019?

Teachers' Pay increases for 2019

Using the National Scales? Please see our Teachers’ Pay Scales 2019 blog.

Teachers’ Pay increases for 2019 have now been agreed, but is your academy or MAT following the national scales in your budgeting software?

As academies and MATs increase in numbers, so does the freedom over what these academies pay their staff. Many academies will pay their staff differently to the government recommendations. Some Local Authorities also choose to have their own scales that differ slightly to the National Scales.

SBS Online budget management software users benefit from Custom Pay Scales. These scales are uploaded to a school, academy or MAT’s SBS Online budgeting planner, who can then update the scales each year, ensuring the rates are correct.

Creating Custom Scales is one way that SBS Online is flexible to enable users to forecast staffing costs accurately.

How SBS Online users can utilise Custom Pay Scales

Custom Scales can be imported into your SBS Online planner and then only need to be updated when the rate has been approved for the scales the next year. Please contact the service desk for a help guide on how this can be completed.

When a school or MAT uses custom scales, they can still apply inflation to their budget to show an estimated increase to their salary each year, for accurate forecasting of teacher increases before official scale values are confirmed. As with the national scales, this inflation would need to be removed once the custom scales have been updated.

If you are using custom scales and are unsure on how to update them, please contact the service desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8, or email for help.

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This Autumn Term…

SBS Budgets logo

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…SBS Online moves up a set!

The expertise and high level of service our users know and love, across a growing suite of applications and resources. After 10-years maximising school and MAT budget planning, and with a 94% customer retention rate, SBS Online is ready to deliver additional functionality for school business management.

Users’ planners, monitoring functions and reports will be accessed via SBS Budgets on the SBS Online Welcome page, alongside SBS Sync, SBS ICFP and the latest news for School Business Services customers.

See our latest blog for the full story and contact for more information

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Further SBS support for your school or MAT

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SIMS Remote Support from the SBS MIS Team

Are your staff too busy? Do you have key staff off? Have you got the SIMS expertise? We can help! Gain peace of mind that your statutory returns and tasks are taken care of by the SBS team.

Remote Services - End of Key Stage

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Managed Service for Finance & Business

Ideal for schools, academies and MATs, our Managed Service for Finance & Business provides peace of mind that day-to-day operations are managed by a strong, experienced team.

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Teachers’ Pay Scales 2019

Teachers’ Pay Scales 2019

The new Teachers’ Pay Scales, effective September 2019, have been announced.

SBS Online has uploaded these scales, ready for users to implement.

See our blog to find out more.


New Teacher Pay Scales

New Teacher Pay Scales

We have updated our teacher pay scales to the official amounts announced.

Please read our recent blog for further details.


Teachers’ Pay Scales from September 2018

Teachers’ Pay Scales from September 2018

We have implemented new Teachers’ Pay Scales for 2018/19 in SBS Online.

All Teachers’ Pay Scales have been increased from 1st September 2018. Please see our latest blog for details.


School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) 2017

Changes to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD)

The new STPCD 2017 has now been published by the DfE with recommendations from the School Teachers Review Body.


Teachers’ Pay Scales from September 2017

Teachers’ Pay from September 2017

All teacher pay scales have been increased by 1% from 1st September 2017, except for M1 to M6 which have been increased by 2%. Schools with pay structures for teachers which fall outside of these national scales can introduce custom salary scales.


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