Update: CTF Issue with SIMS Spring Release (7.186)


Further information from Capita on the CTF Issue

What’s the Issue? What’s the Fix?

Capita have now given us further information on the issue with the SIMS Spring Release (7.186).

Please see below for the statement from Capita.

Please note: The guidance remains the same as the last blog – Do not generate or send any CTFs if you have taken the Spring Release, and additionally don’t import any CTFs that have been sent from a school that have taken the Spring Release at this time.

Important: 2019 Spring Release – CTF Incident (Update on 4th April 2019)

Our investigation is now complete following our communication yesterday (3rd April 2019) about the CTF incident. A patch will be available early next week for schools who have taken the Spring 2019 Release.

Once the SIMS Spring update is taken please apply this patch to ensure the potential CTF issue is addressed. For Capita Hosted SIMS customers, the Spring release was applied on 29th March and the patch will be applied as soon as it is available.

Once again Capita ESS apologises for any concern or impact to our schools and their support partners that may have arisen from this incident.

Please see My Account if you would like specific further details on the incident or contact your local support unit.

Important: 2019 Spring Release – When this unique CTF Incident occurs (Update on 4th April 2019)

If a school imports a CTF into the SIMS Spring 2019 release that contains a person with an incomplete address that is missing all of the following:

  • house name or number
  • apartment number
  • Postcode

The incomplete address details will be inserted into any learner contacts being added by the CTF file who have no address record. In other words, incorrect partial data would be inserted into all blank addresses against new contact records.

Also incomplete address details will be inserted into SIMS where a learner contact already exists in SIMS and the same learner contact is present in the CTF, and neither have an address record. In other words, incorrect partial data would be inserted into a blank address against an existing contact record.

‘Street Name’, ‘Locality’, ‘Town’ and ‘Region’ information (i.e. partial address) would be transferred in both instances.

To all of our customers that we carry out the upgrade for, be assured that will apply the patch once it is available, and if we have already applied your upgrade we will go back and apply the patch to you as well.

As before, if you want to postpone the upgrade until the patch has been released, please contact us as normal on 0345 222 1551 • Opt 3 or email MISservicedesk@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk

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