Welcome back to school!

Welcome to our shiny new ICT blog from us nice people at School Business Services.  We want to share new and timely information with our readers and schools and we hope you will find some nuggets of useful information to take back to your schools or college, and be able to push out the info we need to the right people :)

Phew nice summer holiday break then before you can say ‘i forgot my password’ its a new academic year!  So what’s first on the agenda for ICT?  Well if it is laptops, tablets or hybrid you are after for your school then the video below maybe of interest to you…

Another useful video showing some demos for Uni style devices

Hopefully there is something here that matches your needs and requirements within your school, but if you want to have a chat with an actual person on these devices, or any other hardware give us a call and we can go through all the tech stuff to fit your needs!

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