Hour of code for educators

Have you or your school tried the hour of code? Really useful on-line courses to let students try developing and using basic code for computer science and the new ICT curriculum.  Almost 5 million people have tried the hour of code in the UK so far…how well will you do?

Launched in 2013, Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools and education establishments. Code.org believe computer science and computer programming should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra.

Whether you’re a school teacher, an administrator, an after-school teacher, or a volunteer, Code.org provides educational resources for all ages, free of cost. Tens of millions of students of all ages and backgrounds have tried an Hour of Code, a one-hour introduction designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics.


Office Mix for your classroom!

Office Mix for your classroom – bring your PowerPoint and class alive! Microsoft are offering an extended preview to Office & PowerPoint users to supercharge your presentations, especially good in classrooms when you need to record audio or annotate to students or staff using handwritten tools/pens. In addition you can add videos (so students resent […]


Remembrance & Future Opportunities

For many November is a time for reflection. This is also true with Academy Finances, as the final adjustments are made by auditors across the land. Academies also need to look forward. Those looking to apply for capital funds have until 19 December and all need to think about how the reduction of the ESG […]


October saw the introduction of a few low-key, visual enhancements to SBS Online.

We were conscious that our focus had been on functionality over appearance for some time. A number of our customers had been requesting a more formal reporting appearance with some additional audit detail. This, combined with one of our recent release items, led us to implement a report cover page for all PDF downloads. When […]


Do you want to save your school some money?…

When I get asked to visit schools to discuss ICT being used within the school one of the first area’s I like to discuss are Virtual Learning Environments, as most of the schools I visit use their VLE rarely, some host their public facing website on their VLE, some leave it for virtual spiders webs to […]


October Returns

October is not normally a month for Returns, but there are two returns that new Academies and Free Schools are likely to have to complete in the next few weeks. Also the EFA advise that a significant number of Academies are still to claim support for their rates. Does this apply to you? New Academies […]


Our big development news from September was the completion of stage 2 of our multi-actions release

In July, we introduced the ability to select and delete multiple items through a single process with minimal clicks. This latest release takes it a few steps further: users are now able to select multiple items and apply changes to detail. In each screen where these changes are available users will see a tick box […]


October Planner

A new month – and like many of you I’m busy finishing off academy year ends and preparing for the auditors. Looking at the recently updated EFA Business Cycle Wall Planner the main item for Academies is the Autumn Census, with submission required by 29th October. For full details about the census click here. Academies: […]


Calling All Students and Teachers!! You Can Win 35 Surface RT Microsoft Tablets

Microsoft & Tablets for schools are looking for schools to submit how you are using Surface tablets within your schools to win tablets for your whole class! Below are the conditions and rules from the Microsoft blog: Tablets and mobile devices are transforming the classroom. Do you have any innovative ideas on how tablets can […]


More Post It Notes – Don’t Forget

In the week when a report for Education Select Committee once again questioned controls in Academies, we remind new academies of the actions the EFA expects of them this term, and look in brief at a number of issues Business Manager’s should be aware of and may have on post it notes! The school featured […]


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