Internal Scrutiny for Academy Trusts

Has your academy arranged your internal scrutiny
partner for the next academic year?

Our Finance & Accountancy Service can support academies and MATs with Internal Scrutiny.

Our qualified, experienced consultants will:

  • provide independent assurance to your stakeholders
  • work with you to plan a programme of scrutiny and schedule of visits to suit you
  • provide you with a comprehensive and objective report following each visit detailing findings and recommendations


“Working with SBS on the Internal Scrutiny work has been exactly what we needed. The work was well planned, prepared and engaged with every school of our Trust."
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Our programme of scrutiny can include:


Internal Scrutiny Banking icon
Internal Scrutiny Budgeting & returns icon
Budgeting & Returns
Internal Scrutiny Funding & Forecasting icon
Funding & Forecasting
Internal Scrutiny Governance icon

Internal Scrutiny Data Protection icon
Data Protection
Internal Scrutiny Procurement icon
Internal Scrutiny Finance icon
Internal Scrutiny MIS & Reporting icon
MIS & Reporting

Internal Scrutiny Month End Process icon
Month End Process
Internal Scrutiny Policies icon
Internal Scrutiny Safeguarding icon
Internal Scrutiny Staffing & Payroll icon
Staffing & Payroll

Internal Scrutiny ICT Security icon
ICT Security
Internal Scrutiny Health & Safety System icon
Health & Safety
Internal Scrutiny Data Security iconData Security
Internal Scrutiny Cash iconCash


Why is Internal Scrutiny required for Academy Trusts?

As updated in the Academy Trust Handbook (formerly Academies Financial Handbook), the internal audit programme must be completed by a different organisation to the one that completes your annual external audit. To see what has changed this year, download this handy guide.

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Academy Trust Handbook 2021

Programme Spotlight: ICT Internal Scrutiny

We have the experience and expertise to:

  • complete a full internal ICT systems (Server infrastructure review)
  • health check all important hardware components on your servers and checks for failures
  • a full report is provided with advice covering no less than 15 critical scrutiny checks

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