Friday June 10th 2022

Let's recognise
and celebrate the achievements of our School Business Leaders

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National School Business Leaders’ Day has been created by School Business Services to recognise
and celebrate the incredible contribution School Business Leaders make to their schools and the
wider community.

On National School Business Leaders’ Day, we want schools to celebrate the vital role SBLs play and recognise the amazing way that they have championed and supported one other.

About #NationalSBLDay

Celebrations in the run-up to and
on Friday June 10th 2022 will include:

    • Celebration event, including Guest Speaker
    • Give and receive #SBLKudos
    • Interviews and guest blogs
    • Partner offers

Live feed of #SBLKudos from 2021

"There are simply too many amazing individuals within the Trust to single out any one person. Therefore, REAch2 gives #SBLKudos to each and every SBM and Office Manager and their amazing teams for everything they do...."

From: Ian Morris
To: All School Business Professionals

"Thank you for inspiring me every single day. Whenever I'm up or down, its great to read about your achievements, your concerns, your motivations, your aspirations and your journey to where you are now. Remember 'Per..."

From: Conny Brandt
To: #sblteabreak

"A big thank you to the wonderful SBLs who use their precious time to organise or speak at #sblteabreaks! Fantastic free and friendly CPD, by and for SBLs. Would particularly like to mention @valerieandrew, whose e..."

From: Shirley Gascoyne
To: Catherine Garrett - Business Manager - Ramsden Primary School

"Kudos to my business manager at Ramsden Primary School - her work ethic is amazing and no job is too big or too small. We work together with the Headmaster to give our kids the best possible start in life. Working ..."

From: Sue Prickett
To: SENDAT Teams

"It's a pleasure working with the motivated, generous and conscientious colleagues that make up the teams supporting the students, families and teaching & learning in our schools. Couldn't do it without you all!"

From: Claire Allen
To: Gail Harwood

"Gail is a fantastic manager, she has supported me through my business admin apprenticeship over the last 18 months and I can't thank her enough. She always goes out of her way to help others within the school commun..."

From: Sue Prickett
To: Hilary Goldsmith #SBLWhisperer

"Without Hilary, many of us wouldn't be where we are or as connected as we are today. She is constantly championing our profession and fighting our corner. She is wise, funny, proactive and full of goat love. @SBL..."

From: Tracey Fenn
To: Sylvie Newman

"For being there for all your staff, pupils & parents. For guiding us and showing the way through an unprecedented year. You always have a shoulder if needed and show how much you appreciate your staff team, you supp..."

"Thanks for all you do to lead and support our schools and the Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Mary-Lou Tyler

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Samantha Surtees

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Earith Primary School

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Debbie Ruddick

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Karen Tallett-Pickess

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Pippa Edwards

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Katrina Bailey

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Elaine Graham

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Chloe Lawrence

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Stephen Chamberlain
To: Helen Quantrill

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

"Thank you for all you do to lead our schools and our Trust. #activeleader"

From: Lisa Hughes
To: The Central Team and all School Business Leaders at RLT

"Celebrating a great team and network of people playing a vital role in supporting the outcomes for the children in our schools. Thankyou "

From: Nicki, Janet & Clive
To: All finance leads working in our schools

"Thank you for all you have done over the years but especially during lockdown when demands on staff were stretching us all. You are a great team to work with and it continues to be a pleasure to work with you and su..."

From: Conny Brandt
To: @juliecordiner

"Thank you for your friendly and clear advice - invaluable not just in my day-to-day work but also as a reference for my studies!"

From: Kerrie Weippert-Rowe
To: Professional Managers Group Team of BSJ

"It's not always you get to work with a great bunch of people, but I do, very proud of my professional managers at the British School Jakarta. Thanks for the value you add and value you bring. "

From: Nicola Chester
To: Kathryn Johnson @jonnno11

"Kathryn has been my rock, friend and an amazing shoulder over the last year when she came to work with me at my last trust. She’s been a constant comfort and source of advice and guidance for me and supported me ..."

From: Simon England
To: Tracy Bowen

"Thank you so much for everything you do to support the school. Your work behind the scenes is greatly appreciated. "

From: Jason Pearn
To: Liz Thorne

"Since arriving at the school, she has positively transformed the vital back office support for the whole staff team. She has shown amazing commitment to the school, is so efficient and all done with a smile. Thank ..."

"For the work that you do, for your generosity and for being a listening ear when I have had a tricky day or struggling with my studies! Always there!"

"Woop woop, happy SBM day! Thanks for being amazing : )"

From: Mrs Pam Slingsby
To: West Berkshire Schools SBMs

"Thank you for working collaboratively on the recent tender and for everything you do to support and lead in your own schools"

From: Julia Tompkins
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"To everyone SBL on Twitter that has helped, encouraged, admitted they were struggling, got back up, and did it all again. Always my first port of call for advice. You guys know who you are. "

From: Joy Williams
To: Abigail Evans

"Abigail is an excellent role model for Business Leaders #SBLKudos"

From: Charlotte Bartolomeo
To: Angela Sullivan

"Thank you for being such an amazing SBM, colleague and member of the team - your diligence and commitment help to make our school run like a well-oiled machine!"

From: Stephen Mitchell
To: Cathie Payne

"You are immense Cathie - your impact on our schools is massive. And your legacy on the children is profound. Thank you for your dedication and hard work."

From: Stephen Mitchell
To: Sarah Davis

"Sarah - you've already achieved so much with us, and you're only just getting started! You're brilliant - thank you for the quiet determination you bring, and the way that you support our colleagues. We are so m..."

From: Jackie Suter
To: Laura Williams

"For the support and guidance given through our coaching sessions. Also the Tuesday emails that always drop just when I need them. Thank you"

From: Jackie Suter
To: SBL Twitter community

"I might not be an active participant but the support you give to all is amazing and couldn't have got through the last 12 months without you"

From: Stephen Mitchell
To: SBMs in our schools

"Thank you for everything you do to support our schools - you're awesome. The heroes of keeping our schools going on a daily basis - often not as visible as others, but my goodness, just as crucial. It's a pl..."

"Thank you for all your hard work in turning the trust's finance ops around. You are having an enourmous impact in your first year in the education sector. Well done"

From: Matthew Clements-Wheeler
To: BGGS Finance and Admin team

"You have been a fabulous ream to work with. Your commitment, hard work, sense of humour and dedication are under-appreciated (usually as no-one fully understands all the things you all do!). Thank you for all your w..."

From: Lisa Lancaster
To: Laura Williams

"Thank you for being a great coach and for your brilliant Podcast - you are a great advocate for all School Business Leaders everywhere"

From: Lisa Lancaster
To: Julie Ricketts @DOpsSBL

"Thank you for being there and giving me great advice about moving to Secondary from Primary, even though we had only met and chatted the once before!"

From: Benjamin March
To: Angela Sullivan

"Thankyou for all the unheralded support you give us. It's very much appreciated by all of us."

From: Jon Brown
To: Anne Speed

"Anne, thank you so much for all you do for us all! We could not have successfully kept both our Special Schools open throughout the pandemic without you"

From: Nickii Messer
To: All school business professionals

"I have the great pleasure of knowing and working with, so many wonderful school business professionals that it would be simply impossible for me to single anyone out for a special mention. So huge kudos to you all..."

From: Michelle Cassar
To: Wendy Beasley - Leodis Academies Trust

"Thank you for your all that you do for the School Business profession. Not only do you quietly champion the profession within our MAT, you share your passion and drive for the role within your own Network Group, ot..."

From: Patrick Ottley-O’Connor | Headteacher
To: Ann Butler, SBL Westhoughton High School

"When I arrived in September 2021 as the new Headteacher at Westhoughton High School, Ann Butler instantly impressed me with her professionalism & expertise in her role as SBL. As a part of my headship team, Ann ins..."

"When I joined the Twitter revolution back in 2011, Nicky was the first SBL I linked up with. She gave me lots of invaluable advice and support and was an inspiration to me. Our professional relationship moved, I b..."

From: Claire Brown
To: Caroline Bullock

"Thank you for all the work you put into being an outstanding Year 6 Teacher and Deputy head. You go above and beyond for the children in your class and all children in school. Thank you"

From: Kevin Elliott
To: Claire Roy

"When times have been tough and we have missed staff through the pandemic, Claire has been the stalwart of school finance and has ensured that the tightest of controls have been maintained in the absence of a number ..."

From: Rebecca Goddard
To: Laura Williams

"Your podcasts have been so informative, as have the newsletters and you always seem to be so cheery and positive. Thank you for the support you provide. "

From: Jackie Hall
To: Helen Burge

"Thank you for your work with the SSBL group, it has been really helpful to me as a new SBM."

"The whole community has helped in so many different ways, that I found it hard to single out one person or organisation at this point! Collectively though, this network has helped me hugely with a number of things, ..."

From: Kerry Gagen
To: Barnsley Town Centre Collaboration

"I would like to that all of the Business Managers in the Barnsley Town Centre Collaboration for inviting me into their fold! It can be a really lonely position in normal times, but particularly through the last year..."

From: Jonny Coates
To: Laura J Business (Laura Williams)

"Special #SBLKudos to @lauraljbusiness for outstanding, practical and honest advice and support during our coaching sessions this term. It’s really given me a boost on all things strategy! Fantastic CPD! "

From: Caroline Bullock
To: Claire Brown

"Claire Brown makes our school run like clockwork. Whether it is forgotten wellies, swimming kit, or responding to frazzled teachers needing last minute letters or some advice. She gets it all done like a super star!"

From: Edyta
To: Duwan Farquarson

"For his unwavering commitment to ensuring our school is 'value for money' whilst delivering high standards. Never afraid to challenge and ensure we are accountable. Proud to have you as out SBM"

From: Sally Boaden
To: @sblconnect

"#kudos for setting up #SBLTeabreaks that so many of us needed during lockdown just to connect and realise we were not alone. It’s now become a thing of beauty and a help to us all. Thank you"

From: Jenell O’Gara
To: Elaine Miley - Business Leader

"Elaine is the most caring person, she is always there with an ear to listen and gives the best advice, support and guidance. Thank you for inspiring me every day! Elaine also has the most infectious laugh "

From: Andrew Blench
To: All the SBLs in South Yorkshire School Business Leaders Group

"I would like to give #SBLKudos to all of the SBLs in the South Yorkshire School Business Leaders Group. Throughout the pandemic you have shown true resilience and supported our school communities wonderfully. Going..."

From: Hannah Stevenson
To: Rebecca Woods

"She is amazing!! Not only is she school business manager (legend of finance), she helps everyone in every single way and the school definitely wouldn’t be the same without her! Thank you so much for every single t..."

From: Marijke Miles
To: Sarah Jeffery

"Super woman, super mum, super brain, braveheart, level head... you rock. Thank you for all you are and all you do"

From: Claire Allen
To: Gail Harwood

"Gail is a great boss and is always striving to achieve the best for our school."

From: Julie Kerr
To: Gail Harwood

"Gail does every part of her job with a smile on her face."

From: Sarah Weightman
To: Gail Ansell

"Shout out to the one and only Gail. Not only is she fabulous at her job but also brings a smile to my face! :-)"

"You do a fab job Gail. "

From: Melanie Mills
To: Emma Plane

"Your support, energy and vision are outstanding and sincere thanks for the wonderful difference you make to our schools. You are always willing to go the extra mile and it is so much appreciated by us all. Thank you"

From: Tracey Farwell
To: Becci Denbigh

"I would like to give #SBLKudos to Becci Denbigh at SBS. Becci has been an absolute star and support to us over the past year in terms of professional finance support. Becci's knowledge along with her calm and h..."

From: Lorraine Ashover
To: Helen Burge

"I absolutely love Helen's positive outlook. Always supporting colleagues and the wider SBL community. Happy to share her wisdom. And always looking for the next growth opportunity for herself too. "

From: Dawn Boyes
To: Micon Metcalfe

"Micon is the embodiment of a true school business professional and leader. Her wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of school and educational leadership is to be admired. However, the fact that she alwa..."

From: Sue Prickett
To: Nicky Gillhespy, COO Leo Academy Trust

"When I was new in post, Nicky took a whole day out of her busy schedule and had me visit her Trust. She offered practical help and ideas which helped so much during a very stressful time. I hope I'm able to do the..."

From: Amanda Leung
To: @SBMRachel

"Rachel has been absolutely fantastic at keeping me going and giving me advice when I have needed it most. She is hilariously funny and knows just what to say just when I need it. She’s got my back even when I don..."

From: AccidentalSBM
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"Hilary is just frankly a legend. She is a rock solid supporter and promoter of SBM/Ls. She started the #sblteabreak when she knew that SBMs needed a safe space to express worries/ share information. She is amazing. "

From: Alex Reed
To: Jeanette Wong

"A simply brilliant colleague. Jeanette keeps us all organised; ensures effective communication; constantly scans the horizon and has one eye out for a bargain at all times! Never afraid to don the rubber gloves eith..."

From: Jacqueline Ingle
To: Mandy Mattison

"Has transformed the school through clear thinking and quiet authority. Has improved the site and staff conditions, which only improves life for the children"

From: Fiona Radford
To: All SBLs within the RoSIS network

"You are all amazing and your work is truly appreciated. We are proud to support you and celebrate SBL day ❤"

From: Sam Bolger
To: Debbie Rowdene, Burnham Grammar School

"Thanks for being the best study buddy and mentor "

From: Julie Ricketts
To: @lauraljbusiness

"Laura spreads such positivity amongst the #SBL community and is so generous with her knowledge and skills! "

From: Sally Williams-McGlone
To: All the SBMs in Rotherham schools and RoSIS

"Throughout the pandemic you’ve demonstrated true professionalism, resilience and dedication to the young people of Rotherham. It’s an absolute honour to work with you. You all deserve to be recognised for your h..."

From: Lesley Burton
To: Sam Knowd

"The care and compassion Sam shows for the children and families in her care is phenomenal. She works weekends and evenings to ensure families have food and provisions and do not go without. Heart of absolute gold. "

From: Nicky Gillhespy
To: Graham Colclough (@StokeSBM)

"I met Graham when we were the only 2 SBMs at the NAHT Annual Conference in 2014 and we have been firm friends ever since despite the distance geographically, attending many conferences (and bars) together, as well a..."

From: Nicky Hodgson

"I would like to give kudos to all the SBM's/SBL's who interact on Twitter. No matter what query you have, someone will know the answer. It is a genuine support group, with a dash of humour and (lots of) gin thrown ..."

From: Amanda Leung
To: @accidentalSBM

"An absolutely wonderful voice of reason and so much helpful advice given by this wonderful woman during the madness of Covid! She worked so hard on delivering LFTs in her school so efficiently and diligently that sh..."

From: Lisa Lancaster
To: Barbara Mahoney @ JTMAT

"As you're hidden at the central team I don't think you get the thanks that you deserve for what you have done to support us all during transition into the trust and COVID, so Thank you from us all at Paulet."

From: Tina Button
To: @SBLConnect and its founder, Hilary Goldsmith

"Hilary started SBL Connect to help business managers find a way to support each other when other groups didn't. Initially just as a place to share info and advice on Twitter it blossomed into SBL Teabreak during the..."

From: Andrea Aspden
To: Catie Bowen - St Mary's Primary School Langho

"Thank's for being my "go to" person when I need some help and my LASBM partner!"

From: Conny Brandt
To: @laurajbusiness

"Thank you for all your support - via Twitter, chats, offering low-cost and high-quality CPD, and setting up an SBL podcast!"

From: Jo Marchant
To: Cheryl Campbell, Founder of Abbled

"Cheryl, your drive and determination to found Abbled was awe inspiring! "

From: Rose-Marie Smith
To: All SBMs/SBLs on Twitter

"You ask questions which make me reflect; you answer questions, which helps me; you amuse me no end! Thanks for being inspiring. "

From: Deborah Shaw
To: Lucy Smedmore

"As ever a huge thank you for all the ongoing support you give especially with me still working at home and adding ever more chaos to your own work load!!"

From: Sarah Deacon
To: Laura Williams of LJBusinessofEducation

"Laura is such a great person, she is constant and is extremely helpful. I always read her weekly emails and she is inspiring. Thank you Laura"

From: Sharon Nour
To: Leanne Jarrett

"Thank you for always going above and beyond for the children and staff at our school."

From: Amanda Leung
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"Hilary has inspired so many of us on SBL Twitter to stand up and be counted. She has been our voice when we haven’t yet had the strength to speak up, and been our cheerleaders when we finally drum up the courage t..."

From: Amanda Leung
To: @laurajbusiness

"Laura is really a champion for all of us on #SBLTwitter. She is our resident cheerleader who picks us up when we need it and is a fantastic mentor and coach. Always on hand with friendly advice to keep us going. "

From: Jo Viner
To: Nicki Mayne

"Often your hard work goes unnoticed but you are always highly valued. Thank you."

From: Claire Byrne
To: SBM's in St Matthew's Partnership, Manchester

"Thanks for supporting me in my new role as SBM and welcoming me to the group"

From: Claire Byrne
To: Laura Williams @lauraljbusiness

"Thank you for your guidance when I started in this crazy role and lending the listening ear I needed. Thank you"

From: Gillian McDonald
To: Laura Williams

"Thank you for being inspiring, supportive and a great coach."

From: Gillian McDonald
To: Cheryl Campbell

"Thank you for all that you do and your work with the SBM Mentors."

From: Emma Plane
To: Karen Jarvis

"You are truly fabulous! Always ready to offer support and guidance to colleagues, no matter how busy you are. Thank you "

From: Helen Edwards
To: Julie Dodson - Keresforth Primary School

"Thank you for your years of service as Chair of Barnsley Central Collaboration of Schools, and wishing you a very long and happy retirement."

From: @sbm_jo
To: @sbmrachel

"I love the #sbltwitter community. They were so supportive when I had a recent change of employment. @sbmrachel particularly so. I'd love her to win a hamper!"

From: Julieann Moodie
To: June Renwick

"Thank you for all your support, advice and guidance."

From: Andy Heron
To: All School Business Managers, Leaders and Professionals

"We are all a credit to our schools up and down the country. You should be very proud of the dedication, commitment and knowledge that you provide to make things run smoothly. We may look like we are gliding seren..."

"Kudos for being a superb leader, mentor, example, a bringer of innovation/technology, encourager, etc - I could go on but we’ll be here forever. "

From: Linda Neale
To: Laura Williams

"Thank you for the support you offer - it has really helped"

From: Subashini Mahesh
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"Kudos to your fighting spirit and for anchoring & inspiring the SBL community on twitter!"

From: Saira Patel
To: Subashini Mahesh @suba_sbm

"You are the best SBM and an honour to work with."

From: Jo gathern
To: @sbmwestsussex and @sbmsea

"These ladies are so supportive and knowledgeable. "

"Thank you Hilary for being the pillar of the online SBL Community, for your support, encouragement, insight, honesty and sharp wit!"

From: Dawn Ferdinand
To: Duwan Farquharson, Director of Business & Operations BILC

"Duwan, you are simply one in a trillion. I could not run this school without you. You are instrumental in our school being Outstanding. Thank you for being so awesome. Your commitment is second to none."

From: Sarah Jones
To: Hilary Goldsmith

"Hilary has been absolutely outstanding at bringing the SBL community together during the pandemic, giving us a forum to share information, highlight issues and more importantly make us believe we are not alone. With..."

From: Ning Ning Cheang
To: #sbltwitter @Hilary Goldsmith

"We're not alone as H's bravery has shown us! "

"#SBLKudos for being an amazing boss - supportive, encouraging, uplifting!!"

From: Emma Harrison
To: BCCET Central team and all business leads in the schools in our Trust

"Wow, what a year! In the middle of a rapid growth plan for the trust and a global pandemic our trust central team have been amazing working in collaboration with all of our essential business leads in the schools. ..."

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