SBS Online Release: Improved Excel Exports

Our latest release contains three significant enhancements plus a couple of minor bug fixes.

Excel Exports

Both this and the previous release have standardised and improved the process for exporting to PDF and Excel.

In this release the Excel export has been overhauled and now exports as an XLSX file instead of the previous CSV. This presents the data with much more colour and includes subtotal rows and formulae.

Page numbers on PDF

This feature was requested by one of our customers. Page numbers are now available on all PDF exports. You will be able to see the page number in the top right hand corner of each page of the exported PDF with the exception of the cover page.

Maximum scale column on staff by year report

We have added this recently released contract level setting as a column to the staff by year report.

You will now be able to view, filter and order support staff within the staff by year report by their maximum scale point. Like other columns, it can be hidden if preferred.

We have prepared a short video to show the benefits of these new release items. This video will also be available within your planner from the home screen news update.

Census and School Workforce Return – New Fileset 207

There is a new updated fileset which solves a number of issues with validations for the Census and SWR which has just been released. Download the Zip file and then follow the instructions below to import into SIMS Download the fileset now! → Tools | Setups | Import Fileset Unzip the Fileset to a directory […]


Update: September 2015 Teacher Pay Scales

Due to popular demand, we have created a third teacher pay scale table for you to choose and apply in your budget settings, named ‘Teacher Scales – Sept 2015 (C)’. This table features a standard 1% uplift across the board on the September 2014 teacher pay scales. To add any of the three salary tables […]


Tablets for schools

Prowise Windows 2-in-1 Pro Tablet Powerful, versatile tablets for schools The new model Prowise 2-in 1 Tablet is now available with a 64GB drive. It comes with Windows 8.1 Pro installed and can join your school’s existing domain. With a 3 year warranty and priced at only £250 this is incredible value for money and […]


HR & Payroll for Schools

Do you have an effective, reliable HR and Payroll provider for your school? Are you looking to move away from your local authority? Not happy with your current provider? Whatever your situation, we can help! HR & Payroll for Schools SBS has launched an exciting addition to our school support portfolio. With the expansion of […]


School Workforce Census 2015

With the School Workforce Census 2015 date looming on 5th November it’s important to prepare to ensure that you meet the deadline. Our preparation documentation is now available for you to download via the link below. Download now! Key dates: Staff Absences are reported from 01.09.14 to 31.08.15 Continuous Contracts: start date from 01.09.15 to 05.11.15 The […]


Managing HR in Schools

Is there a recruitment crisis in schools, and can we help? Managing HR in Schools Over the summer Nicky Morgan talked about the crisis in recruitment of teachers in schools. Whilst she and the unions dispute the actual figures, up to 40% of recently qualified teachers leave the profession within the first 3 years. On […]


Capita’s Insight webinars for primary senior leaders

As a school leader you will want to know what’s working in a school and what isn’t – but with so much going on, it’s often hard to have everything you need all in one place. SIMS gives you an overview of everything that’s happening, so you can provide the evidence you need and communicate […]


SIMS Training Courses

We recently moved to larger premises and are excited to announce our new MIS & ICT training facility in Newport Pagnell. To celebrate the opening we are offering a 10% reduction this Autumn on our standard delegate price, meaning that a full day of training would be just £180 per delegate. We are also offering […]


October – What to look out for

We start October with a look at the deadlines facing schools this month and the support available. With the party conference season upon us – what should your PEST consider? From The Planner What can we expect in October? Institutions: LAs return part 2 16 to 19 grant returns Academies and others submit 16 to […]


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