SBS Online is evolving to deliver more for all SBS customers

SBS Online

This Autumn Term term SBS Online is moving up a set!

After 10-years maximising school budgets we felt SBS Online was ready to take on additional solutions for school business management.

Previously, SBS Online users would login solely to access their budget management software. Our budget management software is now titled SBS Budgets and enables SBS Online to provide access to School Business Services’ entire web-based expertise, alongside SBS Onsite (Bringing our expertise to your premises) and SBS Offsite (Our expertise delivered from our offices).
SBS Online Welcome Screen
The SBS Online Welcome Screen

Our budget management software customers will be contacted directly from the SBS team for a quick quide on accessing their planners via SBS Budgets. The Service Desk will be on hand for any queries on 0345 222 1551 – Opt. 8

Not a budget management software user yet? Book a demo for SBS Budgets

A growing suite of applications and resources

Users will see that the SBS Online Welcome Screen now features SBS Budgets, SBS Sync and additional resources, with SBS ICFP coming soon. Furthermore, this paves the way for future SBS applications and resources to benefit school business management, including:

  • Improved reporting visuals and analysis for finance and pupil/staff
  • Significant visibility and timesaving for data management and updates
  • Communication and data transfer link between leading education software packages, including SBS Budgets
  • Instant visibility of your onsite or offsite SBS support, inc. visits and cases
  • SBS Community – share best practice and lead the conversation

Our 2020 vision: SBS Online to be developed for all SBS customers!


For example, for schools that receive onsite visits from an SBS consultant and require visibility of days available, in 2020 you will be able to log into SBS Online to view this, in addition to discussing with your account manager. If you call our Service Desks for troubleshooting and advice, and would like visibility of your cases, SBS Online will be able to provide an overview and peace of mind for your school team, alongside phone/email liaison on a resolution.

If you are a School Business Services customer with a suggestion for SBS Online we’d like to hear from you!

For more information about the evolution of our online offering and SBS Budgets, please contact 0345 222 1551 • Option 8, or email for help.

Further information and what users can expect

SBS Online logo

Login to our expertise from your device

Your Self-Service Suite for School Business Management.
Complimentary access for all SBS customers by summer 2020.

As many of our users know, before autumn term 2019 SBS Online solely consisted of web-based budgeting software. Used by over 1,000 schools, our solution has been a key lifeline for school/MAT financial management. The software boasts unrivalled user functionality with customer service to match. Supported by the experienced team, customers benefit from efficient migration, training and ongoing support leading to a 94% retention rate.
SBS Budgets logo
The new SBS Online Login Screen


SBS Budgets logo

Professional, efficient budget management software for maintained schools, academies & MATs and independents. Accessed anywhere via SBS Online (

SBS Budgets users benefit from:

  • One comprehensive suite of budgeting features
  • Unrivalled training & support
  • Efficient setup & migration
SBS Budgets Dashboard
The new SBS Budgets Dashboard

Developed by a team who understands the entire education landscape:

  • CFR reporting for Maintained Schools
  • GAG reporting for Academies – can be converted from CFR upon academisation
  • Consolidated reporting for Local Authorities (LAs) and Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)
  • Student contracts modules for SEND schools and Independent Schools to project income

Unique features:

Analysis Tags

  • Reduce time on purchase ledger codes by tagging budget entries
  • Set tags at MAT level to cascade down to each academy Student Contracts

Student Contracts

  • Challenge the LA on funding
  • Calculate fees
  • Project future income streams

Funding Predictor for Free School Meals, Mobility, Post-16 and more!

SBS Sync logo

Seamless link between SBS Budgets and PS Financials to provide significant time savings for academies and MATs. Further software integration in development.


  • Significant time savings
  • Reduces human error
  • Peace of mind for your budget
SBS Budgets logo
The SBS Sync Desktop Panel

Chart of Account Structure – Synchronise your chart of account structure then use SBS Budgets to easily add lines of income, expenditure and staffing against the relevant codes.
Upload Budget Plan – Build and report your budget plan within SBS Budgets then use SBS Sync to upload it into PS Financials
Import Actuals – Import Actuals from PS Financials into SBS Budgets for real-time budget monitoring.
No Human Error – Using multiple spreadsheets and performing manual CSV uploads can be prone to error. SBS Sync eradicates this whilst making significant time savings

SBS ICFP logo Coming Soon!

Intuitive, innovative software helping schools & MATs achieve financial sustainability and deliver an enriching curriculum.

Benefit from the following software features:

  • Dashboard
  • Single School Report
  • Multi School Report
SBS Budgets logo
The new SBS ICFP Single School Report

Our ICFP consultancy:

SBS ICFP is designed for your school, and used by our consultants to support you with:

1. Data collection, interpretation and analysis
2. Consultation with Trust CFO, curriculum leads and other key personnel
3. Consolidated ‘Data Pack’ support for completing Grant Offer Letter Annex K
4. Objective recommendations for sustainable MAT growth

Support can be provided onsite or offsite, depending on your requirements

Further SBS support for your school or MAT

Our customers combine the below to suit their finances, staff and vision:

SBS Onsite logo

Bringing our expertise to your premises!

Struggling to recruit skilled staff?
Increased workload due to academising?
Need interim mentoring or support for your existing team?

Refurbished ICT Hardware

Our onsite school support services include:

  • Deploying personnel from our Finance, HR, ICT and MIS teams
  • Bespoke training, including mentoring visits for apprentices
  • Infrastructure and migration projects
  • Audits and strategy reports
  • Timetabling consultancy

Find out more → Contact us →

SBS Offsite logo

Our expertise delivered from our offices!

Need peace of mind for adhoc troubleshooting?
Limited desk space in the school office?
Considering outsourcing for sustainable daily school operations?

Refurbished ICT Hardware

Our offsite school support services include:

  • Service Desk support across Finance, HR, ICT and MIS for adhoc troubleshooting and advice
  • Remote Managed Services for sustainable day-to-day operations
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Payroll management
  • Webinars and remote 1-1 training

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November SIMS Training Courses from SBS

November SIMS Training Courses from SBS

Take a look at the November SIMS Training Courses from SBS and see what we have to offer!

Our SIMS training courses are ideal for maximising the use of your system, training your team or to prepare you for a new role in a school.

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Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning (ICFP) in SIMS

Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning (ICFP) in SIMS

In response to the Department for Education demanding greater accountability in school/MAT spending in the current financial climate, there is a need to be able to verify that resources are being used in the most efficient way and are meeting the planned curriculum.

Supported by SBS, Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning (ICFP) in SIMS provides detailed reports on your financial data to suit your school or trust.

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LGfL offering free broadband boost for schools

LGFL offering free broadband boost for schools

Did you know that the LGFL is offering a free broadband boost for schools that could improve connectivity and productivity?

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October SIMS Training Courses from SBS

October SIMS Training Courses from SBS

Take a look at the October SIMS Training Courses from SBS and see what we have to offer!

Our SIMS training courses are ideal for maximising the use of your system, training your team or to prepare you for a new role in a school.

See our blog to find out more.


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