Exam Results, GDPR and Students Requesting their Data.


It’s been an extraordinary 6 months. One none of us will easily forget. And as we move into results-season and a new school year, I think things are going to get even more extraordinary.


For example, when GDPR came into effect 2 years ago, no one imagined the demands that would be made on school Data Protection Officers (DPOs):

  • Exam Results – and students seeking their data
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) for conducting SLT and GB meetings online.
  • DPIAs when implementing new software and Apps.
  • Parents submitting Subject Access Requests (SARs) on behalf of their children.
  • Third-parties submitting Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to uncover specific information about a specific school.
  • How a school stores, handles and processes data has never been under greater scrutiny. Especially now as students begin to receive their exam-results. Some may ask for the data that ‘sits behind it’.

We’ve created a short checklist, to help schools deal with such requests.

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School Re-opening – Health & Safety Issues for Learners and Employees

School Re-opening – Health & Safety Issues for Learners and Employees

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