Our big development news from September was the completion of stage 2 of our multi-actions release

In July, we introduced the ability to select and delete multiple items through a single process with minimal clicks. This latest release takes it a few steps further: users are now able to select multiple items and apply changes to detail.

In each screen where these changes are available users will see a tick box column on the left of the screen. Simply select the items you wish to make adjustments to, then press the purple button to see the edit options available in the screen you are in. Full details of the release is available in your planner’s home screen and all interactive help articles are ready should you require any assistance.

As ever, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the helpdesk!

Additionally, in September, we signed into an exciting new partnership with a fellow finance service provider to schools in the north of England. They will now be recommending SBS Online to their schools and using it for more effective budget management. We hope that this brings even more feedback and development ideas to further improve the software.

Please see below just some of the highlights of the multiple actions release:

  • Adjust a number of key fields in staffing contracts
  • Apply automatic salary increments to staffing contracts
  • Select and de select contracts from budget scenarios
  • Apply analysis tags in bulk to multiple contracts
  • Add comments and carry balances forward in your salary monitor
  • Re-map budget codes to Financial reporting codes
  • Re-map service terms to Budget codes
  • Adjust the colours of your analysis tags

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