Breaking Up

Boys and girls go out to play, the sooner the better the teachers say.

Parents like to have a say and collect the children at the end of the day.

Business manager’s tell the head nay and chase those parents who forget to pay.

The EFA and Ofsted will have their way, but we’re on our holidays from today!


And from Allan Ahlberg’s ‘Heard it in the Playground’, a few  words of wisdom.

We’re breaking up

The children shout

At breakneck speed

We’re breaking out

Goodbye, old school,

We’re going away.

Goodbye, old school,

We’re leaving today.

Goodbye to the teachers.

Goodbye to you all;

The classrooms, the cloakrooms,

The playground, the hall.

Goodbye, old school,

We’re going away,

We’re breaking down.

All the  staff said

We need a break

And breakfast in bed!


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But if you’re taking a break have a good one; send us a postcard and we’ll see you in September.

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