Academic Year Planner

School Business Services has produced a calendar showing key events and deadlines for academies in the coming year.

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 Academic Year Planner

September October
  • Accounts to 31 August year-end closed.
  • Prepare schedules for audit.
  • First payment of General Annual Grant for year, most items paid in 12 equal installments.
  • Land & Building valuations for recently opened academies.
  • New academies should notify EFA if deferring first set of accounts.
  • Second Pupil Premium payment (paid in April to March financial years).
  • Autumn Census, this will determine future funding.
  • External Audit Commences.
  • EFA publishes details of Condition Improvement Funding (CIF).
November December
  • Primary Sports Grant payment.
  • Summer School Grant payment.
  • Workforce Census.
  • Audit Committee Reviews Accounts.
  • Board to approve accounts.
  • Closing date for CIF applications.
  • Submit Audited Accounts and Auditors Management Letter to EFA by 31 December.
January February
  • Audited accounts and supporting documents published on trust web site.
  • Annual Accounts Return (AAR) to be submitted to EFA by 31 Jan.
  • Spring Census, will determine Pupil Premium.
  • Third Pupil Premium payment.
  • EFA will issue funding allocations for next academic year.
March April
  • Year 7 Catch-Up Premium Paid.
  • New academies or new academies joining a MAT may need to prepare March Accounts Return. Guidance published by EFA.
  • EFA publishes details on Budget Forecast Return.
  • Details of Teachers’ Pension Scheme Annual Return published (July deadline).
  • Details of Teachers’ Pension Scheme End of Year Certificate published (May deadline).
  • Local Government Pension Scheme year-end return. Deadline determined by LGPS.
  • Fourth and final Pupil Premium payment.
May June
  • Companies House – Annual accounts to be submitted for the trust.
  • New for 2017 – Budget Forecast Return: Outturn (BFRO) submitted to EFA by 19th May 2017
  • EFA publishes Accounts Direction for accounting period ending 31 August.
  • EFA hosts webinars for academies and auditors.
  • Devolved Capital Grant Payment.
  • Ensure trust board approve budget for following year; if a deficit budget is being proposed the EFA should be advised.
July August
  • EFA publishes Academies Financial Handbook, effective from 1 September.
  • Details of Pupil Premium and Universal Infant School Meals published. First payments made.
  • HMRC Annual Return for TPS to be completed
  • The budget for following year to be submitted to the EFA by 31 July.
  • EFA will publish details on the Annual Accounts Return.
  • Prepare for financial year end.


Companies House annual return on the anniversary of incorporation. Ensure academy contacts in EFA Exchange are reviewed and kept up to date.
New academies will have a number of returns based upon their date of opening. Click here for details.

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