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Outsourced school business management – findings from our MAT customers

Cost-savings are identified through:

  • Systems training
  • Software licensing​
  • Desk space and equipment​

Existing MAT staff are free for:

  • Analysing school data such as attendance and assessment
  • Liaising effectively with parents​
  • Visioning as part of SLT roles
  • Procurement management

Provides business continuity

We deliver an uninterrupted service which provides resilience during the toughest of times, such as the Spring and Summer school closures.


“The SBS Finance Managed Service team have been supporting us since September 2018. They give us peace of mind of sustainable operations by handling all purchasing processing as well as liaising with our suppliers on our behalf.

This enables our team to focus on the strategic direction of the academy. SBS is on hand throughout the year and we have found them to be efficient, knowledgeable and professional in their approach.”
Mark Dale-Emberton – Headteacher, Charlton Park Academy

Managed Service Savings for Multi-Academy Trusts


This graph is calculated with the following criteria:

  • Pupils per school: 500
  • ‘Cost before SBS’ assumes 1x SBM and FO in each school​
  • ‘Cost with SBS’ assumes cost of SBS finance managed service coupled with redeployment of staff to maximise skill sets

Please note

This is for personnel only and does not show savings in additional costs such as management time, hardware, CPD, desk space and more…

Cost-saving scenarios for MATs – does this sound like you?

Example 1

Simple Purchase Ledger (PL) Model

Based on Managed Service carrying out the following tasks centrally and covering 4 primary schools (total 1,423 pupils)​

  • Purchasing cycle processing (PO through to invoice)​
  • Supplier queries and account maintenance​
  • Purchase Ledger upkeep​
  • Processing of Charge Cards/Credit Cards​
  • Payment run processing and submission to Bank

This would equate to a 1.04fte in Year 1 costing
c. £50,000 per annum to cover all four schools

Year 2 we would anticipate a 0.75 FTE reducing costs
to £35,000 across all four schools​

Example 2

Comprehensive Model

Aimed to cover all processing within the school, meaning the central Team need only generate and analyse the monthly Strategic Reports​.

Tasks are as previously stated in example 1, plus:

  • Income processing​
  • Staff Expenses​
  • Aged Creditors and Aged Debtor Reports​
  • Bank Reconciliation​

This would equate to a 1.52fte in Year 1 costing
c. £73,200 per annum to cover all four schools.

Year 2 we would anticipate a 1.11 FTE reducing costs
to £52,200 across all four schools.​​


Our Managed Services are an SBS Offsite innovation delivered completely from our offices.

Need peace of mind for sustainable daily school operations? Limited desk space in the school office? Considering outsourcing?

At SBS we’ve worked with our school and multi-academy trust customers to develop an infrastructure and service offering to deliver innovative remote support from our offices with an instant and long-term impact for schools.

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