What happened in April…

Although there was no official release in April, a lot of work went on behind the scenes. We completely re-built the salary forecast calculators which sit behind the interface. The result (after a great amount of testing) is improved system performance, laying the foundations for future development and improved functionality.

We did release a few smaller development items in April, these included:

  • a new budget comparison report, allowing you to directly compare and report on variances between budgets by reporting code
  • additional columns in the Staff by Year report – remember you can customise your view to omit columns you don’t use!
  • BUG FIXED – Support salary scales now ordered correctly in screen

As ever, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the helpdesk!

What Next?: Create your own staffing groups with unique settings…

We will soon be releasing yet another enhancement to SBS Online which will allow you to be even more specific when creating staffing structures and calculating associated cost forecasts.

Configurable ‘contract types’ – this will allow schools to set contract type groupings and then adjust pay scales, weeks per year, hours per week, pension and superannuation rates by group. Particularly handy if looking at greater detail staffing workforce models, restructures or even conversions to academy status.

Also coming soon:

Multi-school consolidated Budget Monitors – will allow parent schools to view consolidated budget monitors made up of the budget monitors from all the child schools.

As with all new releases, full details will be offered in the home screen with updated interactive help articles.

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