ICT Managed

SBS provides an extensive range of options to support your school’s continued technological development.

Managed services from SBS will run your school’s entire ICT, working alongside your staff, and freeing up valuable SLT management time.

An ICT Managed Service SLA is tailored to your specific school’s requirements, meaning that no two are ever entirely the same, ensuring that we provide you with the highest level of appropriate support.

ICT managed services for schools and academies

Before any support is provided a full audit will identify the level of service that we would recommend, as well as a five year ICT budget plan. SBS will then devise the most cost-effective strategy for your school.

Levels of support depend on the size of your school but will typically include one or two onsite technicians for on the ground fixes, with a weekly visit from a senior network manager. All levels of ICT-related issues can be effectively handled without having over-qualified and expensive engineers performing basic tasks.

ICT Managed Services

Support for your school ICT staff

We work with your technicians to proactively manage all the ICT infrastructure. Advice can be given on effective classroom management to both support teaching and learning directly and to facilitate the continued use of ICT suite PCs.

Your school is further supported by a professional Service Desk that provides real-time assistance with remote monitoring and access for issue resolution. This expertise is readily available to your own staff to aid training and enhance learning.

Benefits of the Managed Service approach:

  • Immediate Education ICT expertise onsite
  • Gain access to ICT professionals and the whole SBS company capabilities
  • Professional reporting, management and complete accountability
  • The School and SLT can focus on other priorities
  • ICT will become a reliable service
  • Eliminate all management, HR, sickness, holiday, internal & external training requirements
  • The School remains the customer and the ability to control the direction and vision for ICT
  • Key Performance Indicators built into the service contract to maintain high quality performance
  • Flexibility to manage new projects and the new school building project
  • Free internal resources for other priorities

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