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There were two releases in July – early and late. The first release introduced a button which allows users to automatically increment salary scales on any given contract.

Upon pressing the button, the system will automatically apply subsequent scale point rises year on year for either (whichever earliest) the duration of the contract, duration of the budget or to the end of the scale code (M, UP, etc).

Additionally, as part of this release we have enabled a new user profile – ‘View Only’. Therefore, should you have anyone you would like to have access to the data in your SBS Online planner, but you don’t want them to be able to edit anything, let us know and we can set them up for you!

Toward the end of July, we released something which many of our customers and consultants had been asking for – a multi-delete action. It is now possible to highlight a number of items then delete all selected with the press of a single button. All existing safety checks remain, such as a confirmation box along with specific blocks and notification if selected items are in use elsewhere in your planner. We have enabled the multi-delete function in the following pages: budget codes, cost centres, analysis tags, service terms, staff members, contracts, budget entries, contingency entries and internal transfers.

As ever, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk!

Next up

In the coming days (possibly sooner) we will be releasing improvements to the salary statements in
SBS Online. It will be possible to automatically apply a signature to the statements as well as having
the school logo appear in the top right corner.

The statements themselves have been tweaked and several new items added. The biggest change you will see is the date range for each statement, in so far as you will now be able to run a salary statement for any specified year range, regardless of contract type and financial year. Therefore should you want to you can issue your Teacher statements in September and your Support statements in April, but run from the same budget in SBS Online!

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