Data Manager
role for schools

Need a Data Manager at your school? Our Data Manager role for schools could be the solution.

SBS has a strong a track record of providing schools, academies and MATs, with interim and continual personnel.

For schools that find themselves in need of a Data Manager our experienced MIS team is on hand to provide emergency cover or be deployed as part of a long term school improvement strategy.

Benefits of an SBS Data Manager

  • Ready to start – with or without a handover from previous staff
  • Flexible to be deployed for various durations
  • Experienced, trained and receive continuous CPD from SBS

A flexible service

How our Data Manager could work for your school:

1. SBS Data Manager arrives at your school
2. Facilitates handover from existing Data Manager / Acquires data requirements of school
3. Deployed for 3+ months, 1-5 days per week
4. Continues in role to drive improvement / Facilitates the preparation of MIS for new Data Manager
5. Handover for new Data Manager – note that the SBS Service Desk can provide support for new starter if required.

The remit of a school Data Manager

Playing a key role in the team

The following is an example of the key tasks, procedures and relationships that an SBS Data Manager can provide:

  • To work with SLT on the preparation and updating of the school timetable and Options module
  • To be responsible for the maintenance of accurate lists of teaching groups and sets on the school database
  • To offer support and training for teachers and support staff as required.
  • To maintain the integrity of MIS; ensuring it is fit for purpose and working at an optimum level for all users throughout the school year
  • To liaise and work with the relevant members of staff, with responsibility for individual MIS programmes
  • To liaise with software developers (such as Capita) and communicate news, updates and tips with
    school staff.
  • To ensure the continuity between the system and school timetable/exams systems.
  • To keep on top of school data requirements, especially around Progress 8 and Attainment 8. Our SIMS consultants are confident in working with these areas, in addition to Assessment Manger, Performance Analysis and Discover, as well as having knowledge of SISRA and 4Matrix.

Contact us today at or call 0345 222 1551 • Option 5 for more information.

“They are responsive, knowledgeable and professional, everything we needed to replace our previous support organisation.”

Patrick Taggart – Academy Business Director, The Romero Catholic Academy

“The support we have received from SBS with the administration of our MIS has been invaluable. In fact it is hard to imagine how, as a brand new school, we could have coped with the vital aspects of admissions, student database and timetabling.”

Mrs L Gilbert – Headteacher, Gildredge House

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