Remote SIMS Support
for Education

Remote SIMS Support Services offer a flexible contract framework to provide proactive support and management of data, reporting and processes allowing you to concentrate on more critical tasks.

SIMS Accreditation

SIMS support for schools, when you need it most

The SBS team has developed a range of services that can be delivered for your school remotely via our SIMS Service Desk, so you can make the most of your SLA visits.

By completing administrative tasks, SIMS and FMS upgrades, preparing attendance registers, system maintenance, allocating pupils to classes on your behalf, and more, we can free up your time for other projects.

Offer for Primary and Special schools

Gain peace of mind that your statutory returns and tasks are taken care of by the SBS team

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SIMS Remote Services

Timetabling construction service

Call on our MIS (SIMS) expertise to ensure that the school curriculum model in Nova T6 is optimised to maximise teaching and learning.

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Ongoing timetable amendments

Call on our MIS (SIMS) expertise to ensure that ongoing timetabling tasks in Nova T6 are performed accurately and efficiently.

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School Workforce Return

Our service is designed to speed up the process and make it more efficient; leaving your admin staff free to focus on other tasks.

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School Census Return

Our service helps you prepare your census return by checking that the information held on your SIMS (Schools Information Management System) is accurate and complete.

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School Housekeeping

Our service is designed to ensure that your pupil data is tidy and make it more efficient to use – leaving your admin staff free to focus on other tasks.

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School End of Year

Our service creates the new academic year in SIMS (Schools Information Management System).

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School End of Key Stage

Our service is designed to ensure that SIMS Assessment Manager is fully updated and ready for grade entry, report generation and data submission to the local authority.

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Parent App Housekeeping

Our service is to ensure that all contact details and reports are kept up to date and ensure that there are no duplicate contacts.

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“This is most useful help at a very busy time for me. Thumbs up for your Remote Housekeeping service!”
John Donovan, Walthamstow

Not a current customer? No problem! We will be happy to support your SIMS system with these remote services without signing up to a Service Level Agreement.

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