MIS Managed Service

Need support with day-to-day MIS and school data management?

Are your staff too busy? Do you have key staff off? Have you got the MIS expertise?

Ideal for maintained schools, academies and MATs, our Statutory Returns Managed Service provides peace of mind that vital, time-specific tasks and reports are handled by a strong, experienced team. From the innovative operations team that brought you the Managed Service for Finance & Business.

Benefits of the Statutory Returns Managed Service

  • Peace of mind that data management workload is managed throughout the year
  • Frees up school staff to focus and develop in other areas
  • Compliance – ensures accuracy and timeliness of returns

Why use SBS?

  • Our Managed Service packages are designed to be flexible, efficient and cost-effective
  • We have a large experienced team consisting of Data Managers, Software Consultants and ICT technicians
  • No need for refresher training or staff scheduling – the SBS team are experienced and ready to book in and begin the work required
  • We are adept in, and up-to-date with the latest school MIS packages, including:



Capita SIMS

SIMS Accredited



What’s featured?

1. Consultation and returns schedule

2. End-to-end completion of statutory returns, with full documentation provided:

3. Data Manager responsibilities

4. Assessment

5. End of year processes

6. School workforce returns

7. Timetabling (secondaries only)

8. Scheduled customer satisfaction reviews

Contact us today at or call 0345 222 1551 • Option 5 for more information.

A service developed from experience

Viv Reed SIMS Accreditation
“We know that when statutory data returns are looming it can often be a stressful time in the school office. Furthermore, as these operations are only completed once a year it can be difficult to remember where to begin! With this in mind SBS have devised a cost-effective managed service that ensures that the work is completed efficiently, accurately and on time!”

Viv Reed – SBS MIS Manager

SIMS Accredited
The Statutory Returns Managed Service is an SBS Offsite solution

Testimonials about our remote MIS support

“The MIS team offers the best remote support I have ever received from a service provider and there is such a clear return on investment from our service level agreement. It’s the quick resolution times and clear communication we receive that sets them apart from other service providers.”
Clifford Fernandes, IT Manager – Claremont High School Academy

“We would like to thank you and your team for great support. Being there at the end of the phone, remote access and in person. Our team is newly established and so we have relied heavily on your team to support us with pupil data, census, training, great advice and most importantly your patience.”
Trudy Quartey-Papafio, School Business Manager – Harry Gosling Primary School

“This is most useful help at a very busy time for me. Thumbs up for your Remote Housekeeping service!”
John Donovan, Data Manager – Walthamstow Academy

“The SBS Service Desk is phenomenal. The team are responsive, won’t hold you up on the phone and provide rapid solutions to everyday challenges.”
New Barn School – Treehouse Educare

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